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    5 mins ago

    Pinterest Launches New Streamlined In-App Purchase Process for Shopify Merchants

    Pinterests seeking to help Shopify merchants maximize their in-stream sales with the help of a fresh streamlined conversion process that…
    5 mins ago

    Reddit Announces New Developer Platform to Facilitate Additional Tools and Functions

    Reddits seeking to facilitate expanded functionalities and research tools, with the launch of a fresh Reddit Developer Platform, that will…
    5 mins ago

    WhatsApp Launches New Desktop App for Windows PCs

    WhatsApp has added another method for users in which to stay touch, with a fresh desktop app for Windows PCs.…
    5 mins ago

    TikTok Outlines its Preparations for the Upcoming US Midterms

    With the united states midterms approaching, every major social networking is attempting to get before an expected rush of misinformation,…
    5 mins ago

    YouTube Will Now Automatically Add Watermarks to Downloaded Shorts Clips

    That is interesting. YouTube is taking steps to avoid users from re-posting YouTube Shorts clips to other apps, via the…



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