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10 College Wardrobe Essentials to Put on Your Packing List

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Freshman year of college is hard. Starting over, making new friends or for some, moving away from home, are all challenges college students face. But forget about all of that. My biggest question freshman year of college was knowing what on Earth I needed to bring to wear!

If you’re like me, you most likely suffer from overpacking syndrome, in which every single piece of clothing you ownmust come with you. I mean, what if you need to wear that one jacket you haven’t worn since middle school?

But speaking from experience, I’m a recent college grad, so I can confidently say that your whole entire wardrobe does not need to make the trip to your tiny dorm. Besides, once you get past the first few weeks of school, you mainly just begin to wear practically the same outfit everyday anyway (especially if your laundry room is in another building).

To help take the stress off of all that goes into packing for college, I’ve compiled a list of essential items needed for your wardrobe.


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If you’re going to school in the blistering heat or where frat parties don’t reign supreme, then this won’t be a necessity for your list. However, plenty of Northern school attendees will definitely appreciate bringing a “fracket,” aka a frat jacket. A frat jacket is any type of cheap winter coat that you wear in between the Uber and the frat house. It’s a jacket that you like, but if you lost it it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

I recommend going to your local thrift store, using your mom’s Kohl’s cash or buying from any clearance section when getting your fracket. In fact, Abercrombie has the Utility Puffer on sale for $34, which would make the perfect fracket.


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Old Navy

Athleisure wear really took off once the pandemic kicked into full swing, and the trend doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. No longer do students need to feel the pressure to throw on skinny jeans and an uncomfortable top just to look cute going to class. All you need is leggings or biker shorts with any sort of top or sports bra, and you’re good to go!

Athleisure wear sets can cost anywhere from $25 at Amazon to $300 at Lululemon. I recommend going to Old Navy if you’re looking for quality athletic clothes at a reasonable price.


Although I didn’t go to a big SEC or Big 10 school, all of my friends who did spent the whole year planning their outfits for football season. If you’re going to school where sports are all the rage, I recommend checking out LF for cute, albeit expensive, shirts and sweatshirts.

If that’s too expensive, there are hundreds of Etsy stores that customize tailgating clothes at a more reasonable price; I recommend ShopDartyGalz. As a side note, to spice your outfit up I recommend a college tee with a white tennis skirt.


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Forever 21

A pair of comfortable joggers will come in handy when running to the grocery store, going to class or casually hanging out with your friends. Joggers are comfortable and make outfits look a little more put together than sweatpants do. I’ve owned the same pair of Forever 21 Joggers all through college and definitely recommend them.


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Owning one dress that can be worn to fancy dinners, dances or nice parties will save you the time and money of having to go shopping at the mall or buying a dress last-minute online. Throughout college you will inevitably be faced with the challenge of having to dress up for some event, and it’s best to have a dress you already love in your closet. I suggest having both a cocktail dress and a longer formal dress on hand.

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