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10 FACTUAL STATEMENTS ABOUT the body THAT COULD Leave You Questioning Everything

Itmight seem that weknow the body just like the back ofour hand. Weve been living initfor somany years, sonothing seems tobesurprising anymore. However, westill involve some features that weprobably haven’t heardof. Inany case, heres achance forus toget toknow ourselves abit better.

Bright Side isrevealing 10secrets you didnt know the body had.

1. Your tongue will get fat.

Not merely dowegain afew inches inour waist, but additionally inour tongue. Inmany cases, anoverweight tongue leads toobstructive anti snoring. One study discovered that obese individuals who suffered from the problem had larger tongues than those that only had excessive weight. The good thing isthat it is possible to tone down your tongue ifyou lose overall surplus fat.

2. The longer your fingeris, the more testosterone you have.

The ratio between your index finger as well as your ring finger isdirectly connected tohow much testosterone you have. Ifyour ring finger islonger, you have high levels oftestosterone inyour body. Women who’ve shorter index fingers are stronger due tohigher exposure totestosterone inthe womb.

3. Our gastric acid issostrong, itcould burn ahole through the body ifwedidnt have any lining.

Wehave aspecial lining that protects our stomach from the consequences ofacid. However, wecan go through the burning feeling sometimes, for instance, due toacid reflux and heartburn. The worst-case scenario iswhen the digestive tract doesnt work very well, that leads tous experiencing ulcers.

4. Weproduce 1-2 liters ofsaliva each day.

Atcertain times, wehave more saliva than usual due tovarious triggers, yet weproduce approximately exactly the same level ofsaliva daily.

5. Our brain doesnt feel pain.

The mind only warnsus ofaninjury ordamage and cant feel pain since itdoesnt have special receptors. Sowhen weget headaches, its our scalp, neck, sinuses, eyes, and soonthat identify pain. Thats why even neurosurgical operations can bedone as the patient isstill awake.

6. Awomans heart beats faster than amans.

The feminine organ issmaller (around 120g compared tothe male organ at180g), soitbeats faster tomake upfor its size. The common female heart beats around 70-85 times each and every minute, as the male one beats between 78-82times.

7. Our disease fighting capability doesnt know wehave eyes.

Our eyes have animmune privilege that protects the vital organs from getting destroyed byour own disease fighting capability ifitnotices them. Itprevents swelling and changing ofthe tissue, thus protecting our vision. Thats why its easy todoresearch and therapy, because the disease fighting capability doesnt reject anything.

8. Humans can glow, wejust cant seeit.

The intensity ofthe light, which isemitted byour body, is1,000 times less than the sensitivity ofour eyes. However, wecan see iteasily with the help ofspecial sensitive cameras. Our brightest spots will be the forehead, neck, and cheeks, which glow probably the most inthe late afternoon.

9. Only39% ofpeople have anextra knee bone.

Not merely isitpointless, but italso causes osteoarthritis. The bone iscalled the fabella and contains noevolutionary reason toexist. Its found inthe tendon that attaches the muscle tothe thigh bone. Its believed that the bone creates anuneven force onthe knee and makes cartilage damage much more likely.

10. Wehave different kneecaps until were 3-5 yrs . old.

A lot of people believe that babies are born without kneecaps, however, they dohave them, however the material isabit different. Babies kneecaps are created entirely ofcartilage. This isinorder toprovide aneasier exit through the birth canal. Later, the kneecaps harden.

What doyou find out about our body that a lot of people dont? Doyou have any rare body features?

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