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10 Forms of Eggplant to learn and Adore

Ripe and juicy, our annual Farmers Market Challenge is preparing to be picked. We have plump tomatoes, sweet cherries, glossy eggplants, plus much more. Head here to get all of the articles and recipes.

With your dog days of summer comes a bounty of eggplant. Some are bulbous and deep violet, others slim and lilac, others still white colored as well as speckled. This person in the nightshade family is frequently misunderstood, outshined by tomatoes, and its own understandable: Or even prepared quite right, eggplant could be off-puttingly spongy or unpleasantly bitter. However when done well, eggplant includes a mild flavor that soaks up whatever its cooked with, and a creamy texture comparable to custard. Plenty of that success depends on the eggplant variety.

Whether youre grilling, stir-frying, or sauting, tossing the sliced or cubed produce into ratatouille, caponata, or stew, its vital that you know which forms of eggplant can seamlessly transition from dish to dish, and which varieties ought to be saved for specific recipes. As soon as you enter the weeds of heirloom styles, youll find you can find umpteen forms of eggplant. Listed below are 10 we realize and love, and several exceptionally tasty recipes you may make with each.


American or Globe Eggplant

Fat and deep purple, globe eggplants (a.k.a. American eggplants) will be the variety youll typically see year-round in food markets. Because of the large surface, they endure well to grilling when thickly sliced and brushed with essential olive oil, and obtain crisp when fried for the new favorite sandwich or snack. Theyre also lovely roasted or grilled whole, then blended right into a creamy dip like baba ganoush. When you dont need to peel them, American eggplants thicker skin could be tough or bitter or even cooked for long enough.

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