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10+ INDIVIDUALS WHO Learn how to Tame Their Locks

Its nosecret that whenever wechange our hair, were about toembark onajourney which will change our lives. For a few ofus, letting our hair grow and taking care ofitcan uncover things wedidnt know existed: that wemight have frizzy hair, that itmakesus stick out from the crowd, orthat wesimply have discovered anew identity.

Bright Side found 15individuals who ditched the hair trimmer infavor ofhappy, healthy, and luscious hair and listed below are their transformations.

1. Ive been growing itfor going on5years now.

2. You look like James McAvoy with long hair!

3. Short hair orlong, you’re absolutely stunning. Dowhat enables you to happy! Also, your own hair looks sohealthy!

4. You look younger with hair! Great growth progress, itreally fits you.

5. 13months ofgrowth!

6. Embracing mycurly hair! Ichemically straightened myhair for a long time, Ihad noidea how totame myhair.

7. Idont understand how tosay this without itbeing weird nevertheless, you appear to be the lead onthose romance book covers.

8. Given that iswhat you call ahair transformation!

9. How itstarted vsHow its going

10. Man Igotta ask you, leave some ofthe women for the others ofus!

11. Ihad frizzy hair asakid but thenI straightened and curled itand itlost the curl. Im glad mycurls are back!

12. Yesterday evening, at30yrs . old, Ifound outI have very frizzy hair.

13. Shaved myflat, chemically damaged hair off ayear ago. Here is1year ofgrowth!

14. Igrew myhair mostly becauseI dance for aliving, itmakes mestick out and choreographers usually like how itmoves.

15. Myhair officially turned 2today. Heres the before and after.

How often doyou cut your own hair? Whats one hair trend that you want would never keep coming back? Letus know inthe comments.

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