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10 Must-Read She-Hulk Comics For MCU Fans

she hulk comics

Marvel Comics

In the new Disney+ series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, starring Tatiana Malsany (Orphan Black, Perry Mason) and Jameela Jamil (The Good Place), the origin of lawyer Jen Walters’s superhero code-name is the subject of legal dispute, but in real life, She-Hulk came into existence precisely to avoid such squabbles. Like Spider-Woman before her, She-Hulk was the idea of Marvel lawyers hoping to avoid trademark violations and expand the line, simply by gender-swapping an existing property. Thus, we met Bruce Banner’s heretofore unseen cousin, who gains gamma powers after a blood transfusion, becoming the Savage She-Hulk.

From those mundane beginnings, She-Hulk quickly developed into one of the most unique and compelling heroes in the Marvel Universe. Recreated into a fourth-wall-breaking comedy hero, a full decade before Deadpool was even a dour Deathstroke the Terminator rip-off, She-Hulk earned her place in fan’s hearts, serving as a significant member of both the Fantastic Four and the Avengers. Since then, she’s been a mainstay on comic store shelves, as creators line up to put their own spin on the character.

With its self-aware sitcom approach, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will thrill some and alienate others. But even if the show doesn’t work for you, you’ll find a wide range of She-Hulk adventures in these great comics.


“Jennifer Walters Murders Lady Lawyer!” (Savage She-Hulk #3, 1980)


“The Masque of Doom” Fantastic Four #268, 1984


She-Hulk Epic Collection: Breaking The Fourth Wall


“Beaus and Eros,” (She-Hulk #6 -7, 2006)


“The Whole Hero Thing,” (She-Hulk #25-26, 2008)


“The Good Old Days,” (She-Hulk #8-10, 2014)


“Deconstructed” (Hulk #1-6, 2016)


“World War She-Hulk” (Avengers #46-50, 2022)


“Jen, Again” (She-Hulk #1-5, 2022)


Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars (1984-1985)

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