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10 Reasons YOU MAY WANT an Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra stole the show at Apples September 2022 iPhone event, introducing a fresh tier of wearable for adventurers, divers, and extreme sports fans. Even though you dont require it, there are several compelling reasons you may still want an Apple Watch Ultra.

Around 36 Hours Battery Life

The Apple Watch Ultra may be the biggest Apple Watch the business has available. Consequently, theres more room in the chassis for the battery. This implies Apple has had the opportunity to increase the typical quoted battery life about the same charge from 18 hours on the Series 8 to 36 hours on the Ultra.

This figure applies when youre in the proximity of an iPhone rather than doing a lot. If youre utilizing the Watch from your iPhone on LTE/4G alone, that drops to 18 hours. That is still impressive, taking into consideration the Series 8 only manages that whenever paired having an iPhone the whole day.

But theres more, with a fresh battery optimization feature arriving later in 2022 which could see just as much as 60 hours about the same charge.

Large New 49mm Case With an improved Display

The Apple Watch Ultra is really a chunky wearable with a fresh 49mm case size (up from the 41mm and 45mm possibilities for the typical Series 8). Moreover, it includes a new flat sapphire front crystal display which Apple claims can help better protect the glass.

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple claims youll get 27% more screen area compared to the Apple Watch SE, but only 7% a lot more than the Series 8, which now comes with an edge-to-edge display with tiny bezels. If the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 or 8 already feels big, consider checking out the Ultra at an Apple Store before you open your wallet.

As well as the width, the Apple Watch Ultra can be heavier and thicker compared to the Series 8. Its 61.3g in comparison to 38.8g on the 45mm aluminum model (or 51.5g on the stainless model). Its also 14.4mm thick in comparison to 10.7mm thick on both types of Series 8.

As well as the screens size, its made to become more readable in extreme conditions. Apple Watch Ultra includes a Night Mode with a glowing red display and black background thats better to read in low light conditions. And, to become more readable in sunlight, the display could be doubly bright as any Apple Watch at 2000 nits.

Apple Watch Ultra's night mode.

A Rugged Titanium Body

If youre a fan of Apples titanium finish on the Series 7 and earlier, you might be disappointed to listen to that the Series 8 only will come in aluminum and stainless. If you prefer a titanium watch, youll have to choose the larger and much more expensive Ultra instead.

Apple Watch Ultra titanium case

Along with an ultra hard-wearing titanium case, the Ultra has seen a design overhaul with new raised edges to safeguard the display from knocks, flat glass, and a more substantial notched Digital Crown for easier use while wearing gloves. The brand new design looks a little more aggressive and sporty, though remains practical with regards to its intended use.

Three New Bands

The Apple Watch Ultra works with with existing Apple Watch bands, at the very least it is for those who have a 44mm or 45mm Apple Watch (theres no specific reference to the Apple Watch 42mm).Moreover, Apple has designed three new bands for the Apple Watch ultra, each with a specific activity at heart.

Theres the Alpine Loop, a band that Apple has created for outdoor adventurers that promises to be comfortable and rugged. It runs on the titanium fastener that Apple terms the G-hook to secure the Apple Watch Ultra to your wrist. Its obtainable in dark green, bright orange, and off-white starlight finishes.

Apple Watch Ultra band selection

Also available may be the Trail Loop, Apples light and stretchy band created for endurance athletes that closely resembles the prevailing sports loop. It is possible to quickly slip it on or off and make small adjustments utilizing the velcro design. Apple claims its the thinnest band theyve ever designed, obtainable in blue-gray, black-gray, and yellow-beige finishes.

Finally, theres the rubberized Ocean Band, created for water sports like swimming and diving. It includes a titanium buckle thats adjustable for a secure yet comfortable fit. Apple has designed the band to stretch and flex, ideal for slipping over a wet suit. That one will come in midnight black, white, and yellow finishes.

All three designs match the natural titanium finish of the Apple Watch Ultra at the idea of fastening.

More Accurate GPS Performance

More accurate GPS performance means more accurate metrics about your performance, which explains why Apple has included dual-frequency (L1 and L5) GPS functionality in the Apple Watch Ultra. The newer L5 GPS frequency provides better performance in sub-optimal conditions where trees, tall buildings, or dense bushland can hinder reception.

This assists both in the wilderness when hiking through the woods or when tracking a tell you the urban jungle. Its ideal for hikers, cyclists, and runners that are looking for a lot more precise measurements, no matter where they are on the planet.

100m Water Resistance

Regular dumb watches experienced 100m (and much more) water resistance for a long period, but its taken Apple ten years to create the feature to its wearable. The Apple Watch Ultra doubles the 50m water resistance seen on the Series 8 to 100m, filled with a depth gauge (on the Depth app) and water temperature sensor.

Apple Watch Ultra Depth app

Similar to the Series 8, the Ultra also offers IPX6 dust resistance against particle ingress.

A SEPARATE Action Button

Possibly the most radical design decision Apple made was to include a fresh button on the left side of the Apple Watch Ultra, termed the Action button. This button could be programmed to accomplish a number of things, including controlling your present workout, setting a compass waypoint, starting specific apps, setting your heading throughout a dive, and much more.

Apple Watch Ultra Action button

This button is big and bold, an easy task to hit while wearing gloves, and incredibly visible because of its bright orange color. Its also used to trigger another new feature.

A Siren to Draw Attention

It is possible to press and contain the Action button to trigger an 86-decibel siren on the Apple Watch Ultra. That is perfect for attracting attention in thick bushland or deep snow, whether youve become separated from your own friends or youre waiting to be rescued.

This siren employs the brand new dual-speaker setup, which also contains a triple microphone array. Thus giving you enough volume to be found by emergency servicesbut additionally better audio input and output when coming up with calls, taking voice memos, and speaking with Siri.

Cellular as Standard

Having an Apple Watch Ultra, you dont have to decide whether to choose the cellular model since cellular is roofed as standard. Youll must make sure your carrier of preference supports this service, and you’ll even be charged a little extra fee monthly to utilize it (if you could make good usage of the Ultra without cellular in the event that you cant access the feature).

Apples decision to choose cellular on all models presents a fascinating choice in the event that you were already considering a high-end Series 8 with LTE. The stainless cellular 45mm Series 8 with Sports Band costs $749, as the Ultra is $50 more at $799.

A Dive Computer on your own Wrist (Coming Later)

Apple may also be launching an app called Oceanic+ which takes a subscription and turns your Apple Watch Ultra right into a fully-fledged dive computer on your own wrist. Its rated for scuba and free diving right down to 40 meters, enabling you to plan your dive, get instructions and warnings, and see post-dive data thats saved to your logbook.

Apple Watch Ultra Oceanic+ subscription app

You dont necessarily need to use Oceanic+ to utilize your Apple Watch Ultra underwater, though, because the new Depth app is roofed on all models and is fantastic for snorkeling and swimming to observe how far youve dived and just how long youve spent underwater. It’ll even activate automatically every time you submerge.

Dont Your investment Series 8

As the Apple Watch Ultra could be desirable, the Apple Watch Series 8 continues to be an improved fit for some use cases. Its cheaper, lighter, packs in new temperature and sensors for use with Crash Detection, and you can find more color options and bands available.

Apple also announced the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro at exactly the same event. Theyre also ideal for being out in the wilderness making use of their new emergency SOS via satellite feature.

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