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10 surprising facts you didnt find out about Queen Elizabeth II

Her late royal highness lived life to the fullest.

And also before assuming the throne as Britains longest reigning monarch after her father, King George VI, died in 1952, Queen Elizabeth IIs existence abounded with regal adventure and excitement.

From first crossing paths with the love of her life, Prince Philip who died at 99 in April 2021 at age 8 to learning how exactly to drive at 18 while serving in World War II and, thus, becoming the only real citizen of the united kingdom who was simply legally permitted to use a vehicle with out a drivers license, the majestic nonagenarian enjoyed a glass or two (or two) while living the high life.

Heres a listing of the very best 10 most fascinating, little-known factual statements about the dearly departed queen, who died at age 96.

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Her majesty lived a full life of adventure which included meeting the love of her life as a child, serving in the war and traveling internationally without a driver's license or passport.
Her majesty lived a complete life of adventure, including meeting the love of her life as a kid, serving in World War II and traveling internationally with out a drivers license or passport.
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She was one smart cookie (biscuit)

While her eminence was well-versed in foreign affairs, religion, constitutional history and law, she never attended school nor did she hold a degree. Instead of matriculating at an institution alongside kids her age, the queen, who during her formative years was referred to as Princess Elizabeth, and her younger sister Princess Margaret, who died in 2002 at age 71, were home-schooled by Britains best tutors including Henry Marten, who continued to become provost of Eton College. The rising queens courses in religion were led by the archbishop of Canterbury, and she learned to speak fluent French from her variousgovernesses.

She was riding dirty

Queen Elizabeth II first learned to drive at 18 while working as a mechanic in during the war.
Queen Elizabeth II first learned to operate a vehicle at 18 while working as a mechanic during World War II.
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Even though royal chauffeur was dutifully at her beck and call, the queen fancied tossing on a set of chic sunglasses and a silk Herms head scarf, and jumping behind the wheels of her beloved Jaguar or Range Rover for a joyride. However, she never held a drivers license. In 1944, at age 18, a then-Princess Elizabeth insisted on joining the army and learned how exactly to drive as a mechanic for the womens Auxiliary Territorial Service during World War II. Her highness had not been necessary to have a license, a license plate on her behalf cars or perhaps a passport for international travel.

At age 19, prior to becoming the queen,  her majesty insisted on serving her country, and became the first member of the Royal family to join the military.
At age 18, ahead of becoming queen of the uk, her majesty insisted on serving her country and joined the army.
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Since it pertained to passports, specifically, the royal familys official website explained: As a British passport is issued in the name of Her Majesty, it really is unnecessary for The Queen to obtain one. Actually, all the members of the queens bloodline, including her son Prince Charles, have passports.

Bridal ballin on a budget

All dressed up in white on her behalf betrothal to Prince Philip at Westminster Abbey on Nov. 20, 1947, the would-be Queen of England donned a dazzling fit-and-flare gown by Norman Hartnell, which she purchased with post-World War II rationing coupons. Due to the countrys lingering financial meltdown in the years following the war, the British government introduced rationing coupons to make sure that each citizen had usage of fair shares of food, goods and materials like the silks, tulle and chiffon used to generate her majestys wedding day finery.

Despite her noble status, the Queen used World War II rationing coupons to purchase her wedding dress in 1947.
Despite her noble status, then-Princess Elizabeth used World War II rationing coupons to get her bridal dress material in 1947.
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Women from over the UK were thought to have gifted their clothing coupons to the near future queen, in the hopes that she’d have the ability to utilize the vouchers towards her dream dress; however, it had been illegal to talk about the coupons at that time, plus they were all returned. Increasing her radiance on her behalf big day, the queen-to-be also wore her grandmother Queen Marys diamond tiara. But just two hours prior to the ceremony, the delicate crown snapped when Queen Elizabeths hairdresser tried to secure it to her 13-foot veil. Luckily, the tiara was transported, under police escort, to the royal jewelry workshop, where it had been welded back together with time for the vow exchange.

She vegged from love

Her highness was endearingly nicknamed
Her highness was endearingly nicknamed Cabbage by her husband Prince Philip.
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While commoners beyond the walls of Buckingham Palace dared not address Elizabeth beyond her royal designations, inside her grandiose abode she was reportedly referred to as Cabbage during her 74-year marriage to Prince Philip. In 2006, British biographer and historical consultant on Netflixs The Crown, Robert Lacey, confirmed that the prince often borrowed the name of the green, leafy vegetable to affectionately refer to his wife. Even though some have speculated that your pet name comes from the French phrase mon petit chou, which loosely means my little cabbage or my little sweetie, its unclear why Prince Philip her majestys third cousin from Corfu, Greece, who she first met at a royal family wedding in 1934 find the nutritious-sounding endearment. Nonetheless, it had been a testament with their healthy love.

Money moves

The Queen, who oversaw the royal family's $50 billion net worth, almost never carried money -- unless it was an ironed and folded bank note to be given as an offering at church.
Elizabeth, who oversaw the royal familys vast fortune, hardly ever carried money unless it had been an ironed and folded bank note to get being an offering at church.
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Queen Elizabeth rarely graced any scene sans among her signature Launer black leather handbags. Even though it had been rumored that her majesty never carried profit her purses, she reportedly always toted an ironed and folded bank note for church-service collections. Due to the truth that her face is plastered on bills in at the very least 33 countries, money was never a concern for the queen who, because the top executive of the royal family, was reported to be valued at approximately $50 billion or $10 billion a lot more than Coca Cola. In 2015, it had been reported that she even dropped an awesome $8 million on a sprawling three-bedroom apartment in Midtown Manhattan.

Queen Elizabeth's living in addition to Buckingham Palace, the Queen also reportedly owned a beautiful $8 million in the heart of the Big Apple.
Along with Buckingham Palace along with other properties, Queen Elizabeth also reportedly owned a lovely $8 million apartment in the center of ny.
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Her not-so-humble abode, with views overlooking the US complex, was reported to be in the 43-story, gated building that featured architecture and interiors from lauded British creative Norman Foster.

Sunrise serenade

Every morning, at 9 a.m., the royal bagpiper would play for 15 minutes outside the monarchs window, signifying that it had been time to start the day off. The tradition, first started by Elizabeths great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, in the mid-1800s, reportedly occurred at the queens residences at Buckingham Palace, Windsor, Holyroodhouse and beloved vacation home in Balmoral, Scotland.Who needs an noisy alarms when youve got talented musicians on staff?

Cheers to her grace

Her eminence enjoyed a swig or two, and she kicked off each day with a gin cocktail and ended her evenings with a dry martini.
Her eminence enjoyed a swig or two, and she kicked off every day with a gin cocktail and ended her evenings with a dry martini.
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Whether day or night, the queen liked a glass or two. So when a salute to sunlight, the monarch would knock back a smooth gin and Dubonnet cocktail with lemon and ice every day, former royal chef Darren McGrady revealed in 2017. (Its likely a glass or two hit the location after being startled awake by the screeching clamor of bagpipes.) Because the day progressed, her royal highness washed down her lean-protein lunch meals where grilled fish, chicken or dove was the primary delectable with one glass of wine or Champagne. And before resting her crown following a long day of reigning and ruling, Queen Elizabeth would fill up her evenings with a dry martini and another bubbly splash of Champagne. Even though the libations were her daily go-to treats, her majesty was also thought to have an intermittent taste for Bacardi rum, Gordons gin, Bulmers cider and Pimms liqueur.

Her word was Bond

Queen Elizabeth bonded with legendary James Bond portrayer Daniel Craig while starring opposite the actor in a 2012 London Olympics vignette.
Queen Elizabeth bonded with legendary 007 portrayer Daniel Craig while starring opposite the actor in a 2012 London Olympics vignette.
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The silver-haired sovereign made a cameo opposite actor Daniel Craig as James Bond in the opening visuals of the 2012 London Olympics. Once the director of the 007-centric skit requested the queens permission to utilize her likeness, her majesty countered the inquiry having an offer never to only come in the clip, but to also undertake a speaking role, royal dresser Angela Kelly revealed in her 2019 memoir, ANOTHER Side of the Coin: The Queen, The Dresser and the Wardrobe. For the production, the queen masterfully recited her line, Good evening, Mr. Bond, before she and the debonair spy boarded a helicopter. (A few Elizabeths beloved corgi pups were able to make their way in to the short film, too.)

The queen of the pack

Having an enormous heart for animals, Queen Elizabeth owned more than 30 corgis, and also bred them herself. She initially fell deeply in love with the four-legged darlings after her father, King George VI, acquired the royal familys first corgi, Dookie, in 1933. Later, when her sister Princess Margarets dachshund Pipkin mated with among the queens corgis, her majesty was credited with assisting to create the dorgi hybrid.

An avid animal love, Queen Elizabeth owned a menagerie of pets, including 30 Welch corgi pups.
A devoted animal lover, Queen Elizabeth owned a menagerie of pets, including 30 corgi pups.
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Along with her affinity for pups, a passion that earned her the role as Patron of the Dogs Trust canine-welfare organization in the united kingdom, Queen Elizabeth also owned every selection of mute swan, whale and dolphin within her territory. Because the 12th century, the crown has claimed ownership of most mute swans in the united kingdom as the birds were highly valued as a delicacy at banquets and feasts, per Readers Digest. And a prevailing legal statute, dating back to to 1324, permits that Englands ruler shall have whales and sturgeons used the ocean or elsewhere within the realm. Under this law, whales and dolphins are revered as fishes royal.

Hats off to her style

A fashionista with flair, Queen Elizabeth was recognized to punctuate her boldly colored ensembles having an equally eye-catching hat. And royal milliner Rachel Trevor-Morgan, located in St. Jamess, London, was in charge of crafting each headpiece. But Elizabeths penchant for vibrantly ornate caps wasnt solely rooted in her zest for haute couture the hats were for individuals. She must stick out for folks to state . . . they saw some The Queens hat as she went past, said the monarchs daughter-in-law Sophie, Countess of Wessex, in the documentary The Queen at 90. However, in accordance with her royal dresser, Elizabeth didnt want Chatty Cathys around Buckingham Palace to learn what color outfit or accessories she planned to wear to a significant event; thus, she planted a range of decoy hats throughout her estate to keep key information on her forthcoming looks a mystery.

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