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10,000 People Swarmed a fresh Mall Restaurant. THE DOG OWNER? YouTuber MrBeast

On your day of, Donaldson tried to create expectations for the crowd. 10 minutes before opening the restaurant, he estimated that a lot more than 10,000 individuals were already queuing. Personally i think very good about serving whatever you but other people coming idk maybe come tomorrow/later tonight haha, he wrote on Twitter. By closing, his tune had changed. MrBeast claimed that his grand opening broke the planet record for some burgers sold per day by way of a single restaurant. That hasnt been confirmed yet, and the Guinness World Records is demanding proof: Send us the numbers, Jimmy, the account posted on Twitter. A very important factor thats undeniably true: Even probably the most hyped-up, celebrity-frequented restaurants or buzzy pastry drops dont see crowds such as this, despite MrBeasts very average-looking food offerings.

As the YouTube star to restaurateur pipeline might not seem like a clear path, burgers arent Donaldsons first foray into food. In January, he launched Feastables, which appears like a brandname of cat food but is truly a chocolate company featuring MrBeast bars. And, Donaldson, known for offering huge sums of money, launched Beast Philanthropy in October 2020. The charity currently operates a food pantry and distribution network in NEW YORK to address the meals insecurity needs of remote and under-served food deserts, in accordance with its website.

MrBeast isn’t the initial viral online star to launch a food empire in true to life. TikTok Pink Sauce creator Chef Pii partnered with Daves Gourmet Sauces in August to mass produce her controversial psychedelic goop. And from ghost kitchens like MrBeasts, celebrities like Steve Aoki hawks pizza and DJ Khaled sells chicken wings. The meals, it appears, is not typically worthwhile. But thats not the idea. Chains such as this arent for those who love food. Theyre for fans. And lucky for MrBeast, hes rolling inside them.

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