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11 Essential Fall Home Maintenance Tasks Everyone Should Tackle

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The winter season does lots on your own home, and when youre not together with your maintenance schedule, you could be set for some unpleasant surprises come December. It could still feel too warm outside to be fretting about a few of these tasks, but summer and early fall will be the perfect time and energy to do some preventative maintenance.

Listed below are 11 tasks you need to start tackling prior to the winter settles in.

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Inspect your roof for damage

Inspect your roof for damage

Your roof can be your homes first type of defense contrary to the elements, and the winter season can do lots on its structural integrity. Therefore, an instant roof inspection ought to be your number 1 priority for fall home maintenance.

You dont need to hire a specialist to do a simple inspection. The video above from Hail or High Water Roofing and Restoration lays out the procedure nicely. Listed below are the essential steps to cover:

  • Look for missing shingles and loose nails.
  • Identify regions of wind and/or hail damage.
  • Inspect vents for damage.
  • Look for leaks by wetting your roof with a hose while someone hangs out in the attic and watches for drips.

If everything looks solid, youre all set, but if you discover any regions of concern, contact a specialist roofer before the winter season hits.

Clean your gutters

Nobody likes cleaning the gutters. Unfortunately, its a non-negotiable taskespecially as leaves, pinecones, pine needles, and acorns commence to fall. Its a reasonably self-explanatory task, but as gutter maintenance professional Broden Hill explains in this video from Insider, theres one important rule to bear in mind: Always clear wet debris yourself. Utilizing a leaf blower is okay for totally bone-dry gutter debris, but if its at all wet, elbow grease may be the strategy to use.

Inspect your foundation

Harm to your homes foundation is only going to worsen during cold, wet weather, so its vital that you identify and fix any issues before winter sets in. Have a close look at your exterior foundation plus your basement and/or crawlspace, paying special focus on:

  • Water damage and mold and leaks
  • Horizontal cracks in concrete
  • Loose, damaged, or missing insulation
  • Unevenness and buckling in finished floors

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Repair cracks in footpaths, stairs, and driveways

Repair cracks in footpaths, stairs, and driveways

Cracked or elsewhere uneven surfaces are extra-hazardous when covered with ice and snow. Thankfully, minor cracks in concrete are reasonably an easy task to fill yourself with a polyurethane sealant. Its not just a permanent structural fix, but its a straightforward, low-cost solution to make your outdoor surfaces just a little safer this winter.

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Check doors and windows for drafts (and seal em up)

Check doors and windows for drafts (and seal em up)

In the event that you suspect your windows or doors are leaking cold air into your home, it is possible to easily look for drafts with a lighter or little bit of tissue paper. Just contain the flame (or paper) around the borders of the window watching carefully to see where in fact the flame flickers. Serious drafts may necessitate new windows, but if thats not in the cards, a straightforward weatherstripping installation should keep carefully the worst drafts away.

Mulch your garden

Mulching can be an absolute must for fall garden maintenance. It protects plant root systems from harsh cold and replenishes the topsoil for better planting in the spring. The very best fall much is free and seasonally appropriate, too: Rake up fallen leaves, shred them up, and spread them around your vegetables, flowers, trees, and shrubs.

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Drain garden hoses and shut down exterior water

Drain garden hoses and shut down exterior water

You really dont desire to let your garden hoses and exterior spigots freeze. Best case scenario, you should purchase a new hose for next season; worst case, you’ve got a burst pipe to cope with. Begin by turning off your exterior spigots and permitting them to drain in order to avoid any pressure buildup from frozen water. Next, drain your hose. You can certainly do this the old-fashioned way by disconnecting the hose, draping it over a branch or railing and allowing it to drain during the period of each day or sobut as this video explains, you may also rig up a custom attachment and use an air compressor to blow the water out, which looks pretty fun.

Deep-clean your Air conditioning units

Window and portable Air conditioning units have a beating through the summer. Before you put them into storage, provide them with an intensive once-over to ensure theyre clean and ready to use it if you want them next. Its pretty simple: Begin by removing and replacing the filter, then carefully take away the housing to get at the guts. Utilizing a hose and diluted dish soap, clean all of the accumulated gunk from the inside of the machine. Of course, make sure to allow it dry completely before reassembling and storing.

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Clean and inspect your furnace

Clean and inspect your furnace

Your furnace keeps your home toasty warm all winter long, and that means you must make sure its in tip-top shape. Replacing the filter is crucial, but did you know you can even clean your furnace yourself with a Shop-Vac and a brush? Clearing out dust and debris from the housing and blower fan is really a simple solution to keep your furnace in good working condition all winter long.

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Clean your fireplace (and schedule a chimney cleaning)

Clean your fireplace (and schedule a chimney cleaning)

If your house includes a wood-burning fireplace, factors to consider its in good working orderand your chimney is clearbefore winter arrives. It is possible to clean the hearth yourself with some typically common household supplies, but if you don’t really like getting dirty, leave the chimney sweeping to the experts.

Deep-clean your carpets

Finally, an excellent old-fashioned carpet deep-cleaning is a superb way help your house be feel cozier this winter. Based on your preference, it is possible to call the professionals or rent a specialist carpet cleaner machine from the do-it-yourself storeeither way, youll probably desire to watch it doing his thing.

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