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11 national parks which have the very best fall foliage

From the copper cypress leaves in Florida to the bright gold birch in Alaska, uncover the best of autumn in a few of Americas wildest & most iconic landscapes.

Published September 22, 2022

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Fall is here in the Northern Hemisphere. Theautumn equinoxon September 22among the two times per year (another may be the spring or vernal equinox) where night and day will be the same lengthushers in a explosion of fall colors over theUSA, rendering it among the best season to go to the national parks.Summers crowds fall by nearly half, wildlife springs right into a final frenzy of activity before winter, and verdant foliage transforms right into a stunning riot of color for some brief but brilliant weeks.

TheSmoky MountainsannualFall Foliage Prediction Mapnotes that a lot of the U.S. begins seeing probably the most dramatic changes in colors by late September to mid-October. However, the U.S. is coming off its third-hottest summer on record, based on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Factors such as for example extreme weather, precipitation or having less it, and insect infestations might lead to fall foliage to fall behind schedulecontinuing a long-term trend that, in accordance with one recent study of maples by researchers at George Mason University, has pushed the looks of fall colors back greater than a month because the 19th century, Nat Geos Sarah Gibbensreports.

Still, as the timing can shift from year to year, there’s a very important factor travelers know won’t change: Trees will shed their leaves, however, not before a grand finale of radiant color. From Virginias Skyline Drive to Alaskas roadless wilderness, explore the national parks offering among natures most stunning displays.

Erica Jackson Curran is really a freelance writer located in Richmond, Virginia.

This story was originally published October 18, 2019. It’s been updated to reflect new information. Additional reporting by Starlight Williams.

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