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12 Awesome Safari Features YOU NEED TO BE Using on iPhone


Apples mobile browser is filled with features. They ensure it is simpler to track and read online content, protect your privacy, and keep things organized. Heres a listing of the very best features that iPhone owners have to know about.

iCloud Private Relay

Apple launched the iCloud Private Relay beta in 2021, as a means of anonymizing website traffic in the Safari browser. You may use iCloud Private Relay in the event that you purchase any tier of iCloud (referred to as an iCloud+ subscription) or use Apple One.

Private Relay isnt a VPN, and you also cant use both a VPN and iCloud Private Relay simultaneously. The service functions by sending web requests over two hops: the initial (operated by Apple)can easily see your Ip but encrypts your request and DNS records, as the second (operated by way of a alternative party) assigns a random Ip and decrypts your online request.

Enable Private Relay in iCloud+ Settings

The theory is that neither Apple nor the 3rd party can connect the dots and know who’s visiting a particular website. The service has already established its hiccups with unclear error messages, unscheduled downtime, and some carriers going for a dislike to the service. But itworks as advertised quite often, so its worth turning on if youre worried about privacy.

Enable iCloud Private Relay (or transform it off) by launching the Settings app and tapping on your own name near the top of the screen. From here navigate to iCloud > iCloud Private Relay and enable the service.

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Safari Extensions

Safari gained the opportunity to use extensions with the arrival of iOS 15. This enables one to vastly expand the capabilities of Apples browser with third-party add-ons, though youll have to proceed through Apples channels to take action.

Youll find Safari extensions in the App Store. Launch the App Store app then tap on Apps in the bottom of the screen. Scroll right down to underneath of the page and discover the Safari Extensions category under Top Categories (tap See All if its not visible). From here it is possible to install extensions in the same way you would any app. for Safari

Many apps are bundled with Safari extensions (exactly like Apple Watch apps and Home screen widgets). It is possible to enable or disable these under Settings > Safari > Extensions. This consists of content blockers (for blocking online advertisements and trackers) plus regular extensions that expand on the browsers core functionality.

Weve come up with a listing of well known Safari for iPhone and iPad extensions, which permit you to do things such as enable picture-in-picture video anywhere, disable Google AMP webpages, and bring dark mode to websites that dont explicitly support it.

Advanced Privacy Features

Safari includes a few privacy settings that you will find already enabled, but its worth checking theyre on if youre worried about online privacy. Check out Settings > Safari and scroll right down to the Privacy & Security section.

It is possible to enable Prevent Cross-Site Tracking to block advertisers and their cookies from tracking you over the web. This, theoretically, prevents advertisers from accumulating a profile of you in line with the websites you visit. Safari was the initial mainstream browser to block third-party cookies automagically.

Safari privacy settings on iPhone

You can even enable Hide IP if youre using iCloud Private Relay to avoid both trackers and websites from seeing these details. This feature attempts to foil advertisers attempts to profile you predicated on your IP.

You can even disable Privacy Preserving Ad Measurement (that is on automagically) to help expand limit tracking. As the feature may appear to be something you need to leave on, its a means of sharing information with advertisers about your interactions in an exclusive way.

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Reader Mode

It is possible to enable Reader mode of all websites by tapping and holding the AA button left of an internet site URL in Safaris Address bar. You may also tap this button and choose Show Reader if youd rather take action in two taps. Once you do that, Safari will strip out everything except this content on the webpage and present it for you in a customizable format.

Enbable Reader with

That is ideal for several reasons. To begin with, it eliminates irritating advertisements (including ones that refresh while youre attempting to read, shifting this content along the page). In addition, it strips out formatting or website styles that could ensure it is harder to learn, like odd font choices and distracting colors.

It is possible to customize Reader by tapping on the AA icon in the URL bar and selecting a font, background color, and text size utilizing the small and large A buttons. To exit Reader, choose Hide Reader out of this menu or long-press the AA button again. By selecting a dark background it is possible to read websites at night without having to be blinded, a must-have for late-night long reads during intercourse.

Reader mode in Safari for iPhone

Its an accessibility feature just as much as this is a convenience, and Safari will remember your Reader settings before the next time you utilize it.

THE WEB SITE Settings Menu

In the event that you tap on the AA button in the web site URL bar (while visiting an internet site) you will notice an internet site Settings option. Tap onto it and you could force Reader each time utilizing the Use Reader Automatically or always request the desktop version of an internet site utilizing the Request Desktop Website toggle.

They are useful in the event that you always end up using Reader (to obtain around annoying adverts) or avoiding a specific mobile website because of its limited functionality. Readershould only activate on pages that produce sense, so for instance a websites website without any content beyond headlines should work as normal while tapping to articles will trigger Reader mode for you personally.

Website Settings for Safari on iOS

You can even preempt any Camera, Microphone, and Location access prompts by always allowing or outright denying a specific website usage of these permissions. Safari will remember your settings for every website. To create changes to these settings, check out Settings > Safari and scroll right down to the Settings for Websites section.

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Reading List

Sometimes you may search for a website or be sent a web link to a fascinating article which you dont have time and energy to read at this time. It could even be considered a product website you need to explore, or perhaps a video hosted somewhere online. That’s where Reading List will come in, enabling you to save websites for later.

It is possible to access the Increase Reading List option via the long-press menus that pop-up once you hold your finger down on a web link. This may be in Safari on a webpage, in a Messages window, and via the Share sheet in apps like Twitter. You can even utilize the Share button in Safari to gain access to this option as the website is open.

Use Safari's Reading List to save web pages for later

Youll find most of these links accessible within Safari by tapping on the Bookmarks button in the bar in the bottom of the screen, then tapping on the Reading List tab (it appears like a couple of glasses). In case you have a Mac or an iPad, your Reading List will sync between devices.

Tab Groups (and Shortcuts)

Keeping tabs organized could be a real drag in the event that you arent using Safaris grouping features. This enables one to create labeled groups for tabs so that you can recall and dismiss browsing sessions on demand.

Tab View button on Safari for iOS

To create your groups, launch Safari then tap on the tab view button in the bottom-right corner of the screen to show all your tabs. From here, tap on the label in the bottom of the screen, it’ll say something similar to 10 Tabs (based on just how many you have open).

Move to iPhone tab group

You can now develop a new empty tab group, or develop a new tab group with all open tabs. Your primary browsing session are available near the top of this list, right above the Private label. Put in a tab to an organization by long-pressing the tab view button in the bottom-right corner of Safari. You can even move tabs en-masse to a fresh or existing tab group.

Private Browsing (and Shortcuts)

Private browsing has many uses, decreasing being not leaving a trail of websites youve visited in your history, cookies, or website data. However the feature can be ideal for starting new sessions with websites that could have profiled you, like when youre limited by five free articles on a news website and youve reached your limit.

New Private Tab shortcut in Safari for iOS

It is possible to access an exclusive browsing session beneath the tab view button in the bottom-right corner of Safari. You can even quickly switch to and from your own Private session by long-pressing this button. Out of your home screen, tap and hold Safari then choose New Private Tab to jump right to a fresh tab in your Private session.

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Increase Home Screen Web Apps

Can you use any websites just like a web app? Some services, like Xbox Cloud Gaming, should be launched in a browser window and Safaris Increase Home option supplies the most elegant approach to doing this. Many websites work as should they were standalone apps, occupying a slot in the iPhone multitasker and lacking Safaris UI.

Add To Home Screen functionality in Safari for iOS

Others operate as simple bookmarks it is possible to launch out of your home screen, which can not be to everyones taste but could be handy nonetheless.

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AutoFill and Apple Pay

It is possible to increase your checkout process by configuring your AutoFill settings under Settings > Safari > AutoFill. Here it is possible to nominate your individual Contact entry in your address book to pull in information like your address along with other contact details, rendering it simpler to complete purchases.

You can even utilize this menu to save lots of your charge card information via the Saved BANK CARDS option. Here you can include a fresh card, and also eliminate any old ones that could have expired or been canceled.

Add Credit Card to Safari on iPhone

Finally, theres Apple Pay that will appear on supported websites. This enables you to have a look at in record time, permitting you to nominate a delivery address, shipping option, and contact details all in one tidy pop-up window. Check out Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay to include your card and obtain started.

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Having the ability to change your default internet search engine might not look like a knockout feature, but you can find a variety of reasons to switch to DuckDuckGo. Not merely does the internet search engine respect your privacy a lot more than Google, but it addittionally enables you to use bangs to curb your search to certain services (as well as jump right to Google if you want it).

Change Safari search engine on iPhone

It is possible to change your iPhones default internet search engine to DuckDuckGo under Settings > Safari > INTERNET SEARCH ENGINE.

More Safari Tips

Safari is packed filled with features that may make your daily life easier. Having an iPhone or iPad owning a modern version of Safari it is possible todownload files, force your browser to ignore apps, store and access passwords, and block pop-up windows.

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