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13 Celebrities Who ARRIVED as LGBTQ+ Later in Life and so are Beyond Pleased to Finally Share It AROUND

Apersons sexual preference orgender shouldn’t besomething tobeashamedof. Recognizing and dealing with our inner selves will be the basic pillars ofhappiness. The celebs who have been brave enough totalk about their sexuality publicly have been through the road ofself-acceptance and be important figures within the LGBTQ+ community, astheyve championed equality both onand offscreen.

AtBright Side, weve come up with alist of14celebrities that are openly proud ofbeing LGBTQ+.

1. Rebel Wilson atthe age of42

Rebel Wilson arrived tothe public inJune 2022 bysharing her latest romance inanInstagram post. Init, she said: IthoughtI was looking for aDisney prince… but maybe whatI really needed all of this time was aDisney princess. Just 2years after ending her relationship with Jacob Bush, itseems like Wilson finally found real love.

2. Ian Mckellen atthe age of49

Sir Ian McKellens sexual orientation was well known because, before developing publicly, hehad 2boyfriends. One ofthese partners was Brian Taylor, and their relationship began in1964 and lasted 8years. McKellen met his second partner, Sean Mathias, in1978, with whom hes been together for 10years. In1988, hefinally decided tocome out asgay tothe world, and since, hes been one ofthe biggest LGBTQ+ activists worldwide.

3. Sara Ramirez atthe age of41

EVERETT COLLECTION / East News, Invision / Invision / East News

The street toSara Ramirezs self-acceptance wasnt aneasy one, asitwas filled up with challenges and struggles, but fortunately, itended upbeing one ofjoy. Ramirez says they now recognize that these were non-binary from ayoung age, Ifelt quite limited inthe way thatI could exist given thatI was assigned female atbirth. Ramirez always felt the pressure ofsociety was put onpeople, sothey decided tocome out asbisexual atthe age of41, and asnon-binary atthe age of44.

4. Wanda Sykes atthe age of44

0000554 / Reporter / East News, ANGELA WEISS / AFP / East News

Her developing happened atanequality rally inLas Vegas back2008 and itwas not planned atall, but afterward, she had noregrets aboutit. Sykes was 40when she arrived toher parents, and 44when she nolonger kept being LGBTQ+ asecret prior to the eyes ofthe public.

5. Ricky Martin atthe age of40

ABC / Courtesy Everett Collection / Everett Collection / East News, Ptertainment / Sipa USA / East News

Everyone inRicky Martins private life knew that hewas gay. However, the famous singer hesitated about showing itoff tohis fans. Hewaited until hepublished his 2011memoir. Atfirst, hewasnt sure about being different and was questioning himself. Igot tothe placeI was fighting asI was writing mybook between saying, Am Igay? AmIbisexual? AmIgay? AmIbisexual? hesaid.

6. Cynthia Nixon atthe age of54

Cynthia Nixon decided toclarify the misunderstandings about her sexuality atthe age of54inaninterview with Attitude Magazine, where Nixon was asked ifshe identified aslesbian orbisexual, but she said that neither ofthe 2seemed particularly right on her behalf, soshe ended upidentifying asqueer.

Lateron, she explained what queeris: Itwas like, Ihave fallen inlove with differing people inmylife and theyve all been men before. Now, this isawoman and she isamazing. SoIfeel like queer isanumbrella term, and itincludes myformerly straight self too.

7. Ellen DeGeneres atthe age of39

East News, PacificCoastNews / East News

Ellen DeGeneres iconic developing wasnt ausual everyday story. She arrived asgay onher own ABC sitcom, making herself the initial gay orlesbian character onaUS network tv program. Since that happened, she’s arrive way inher career. Asa25-year anniversary celebration during anepisode ofThe Ellen DeGeneres Show, she got candid and revealed what size ofanimpact that developing had onher life and career.

8. Anderson Cooper atthe age of45

Anderson Cooper shared that hehad struggles with coming toterms with being gay, although heonly arrived 10years back, healready knew atthe age of6that something was different with him. Cooper also said onCNNs BACK TO WHERE IT STARTED, Im not sureI knew the term gay atthe time, butI realized something wasup.

9. Holland Taylor atthe age of77

Asmind-blowing asitmight seem, its never too late toembrace everything you feel. Holland Taylor, now79, just 2years ago at77, had the courage tocome out asalesbian. Her sexuality wasnt kept nowadays through the years, however, she felt insecure aboutit. Fortunately in2015 during aconversation with The Advocate, Taylor revealed that she was inalong-lasting relationship with anunnamed woman, who was simply later revealed tobeactress Sarah Paulson.

10. Jodie Foster atthe age of51

Jodie Foster took the chance and discussed her sexuality directly atthe 2013 Golden Globe Awards, where she explained that her being LGBTQ+ wasnt asecret toanyone, but she was disappointed that apublic declaration was necessary inorder toavoid being apart ofmisleading media headlines.

11. Jane Lynch atthe age of50

Lifetime Television / Courtesy Everett Collection / East News, AP / East News

Jane Lynch didnt have areal developing moment because she was always open about herself being alesbian, however, the breakthrough and the indirect developing happened atthe age of50, inher role ascheerleading coach Sue Sylvester inGlee, where she also played alesbian. She ended upwinning aGolden Globe and anEmmy on her behalf performance.

12. George Takei atthe age of68

Sara Cozolino / Everett Collection / East News, Sara Cozolino / Everett Collection / East News

Star Trek star George Takei had tohide his relationship along with his husband Brad for 20years. Takei and his partner met inthe 1980s once the actor joined agay club called the Frontrunners, where hewas instantly struck byhis now-husband. They are inacommitted relationship since, however, Takei didnt feel just like developing atthe time because hefeared itwould ruin his career and the success heachieved asastar ofthe famousTV show.

13. Victor Garber atthe age of64

While other celebs decided tocome out onthe stage, Victor Garber ended uptalking about his sexuality inaninterview with Greg Hernandez. The interviewer asked about Victors companion, ifitwas true, and ifitwas public information that has been listed onWikipedia. Heseemed surprised bythe question, but answered, Idont really discuss itbut everyone knows. However, Garber didnt hesitate toadmit that hes been inaloving relationship with Rainer Andreesen for days gone by 13years.

Which ofthe stories from above seem probably the most inspiring toyou? What doyou think ofcoming out publicly?

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