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14 People Shared Stories of Working Somewhere That Wasnt Worth the difficulty

There are several experiences wehave inlife when wesurely remember thinking: How didI escape with that! This happens when, bychance, wehave tolive with unpleasant bosses, co-workers, orclientele, who make any employee want totake their things and try to escape, never toreturn. Which isall thanks tothe tremendous lack ofrespect these were subjected toattheir workplace.

AtBright Side, wegathered stories from internet surfers who had bosses who have been challenging toput upwith. Insome ofthem, the superiors were taught awell-deserved lesson for his or her petulance.

  • Myboss was known to be tight with money. One cold winter day, once the heating was once more elusive toashivering staff who have been trying tobalance books while still wearing gloves, Itold him itwas too cold for folks toconcentrate. His response was togotohis office and return with anold, tattered sweater the size ofatent. Hethrew itatmefrom over the room and told metoget onwithit. This isthe same guy who later painted all of the windows tostopus from wasting time bygazing out ofthem. Fascinating stuff! NecessaryImmediate93/ Reddit
  • Iwas working inaschool asateacher. During along holiday, myfather had astroke and needed tobehospitalized. Asthe hospitalization was inanother city, Ihad tomiss work toaccompany him. Iphoned the institution totell them what had happened and tolet them knowI was going tobeabsent. This is onaFriday that fell onaholiday. When wereturned the next Thursday, Iwent tohand inthe excuse, and the secretary told methat itwas not valid and thatI must have handed itinonFriday. She acted inbad faith, asshe knewI had noway ofgetting ittoher. She also didn’t tell methatI could send aphoto ofitvia cellular phone message. In a short time, Iresigned.Rachel B. Daga/Facebook
  • Iworked in2music schools, plus they were horrible experiences. Inthe first one, they always paid late and incomplete, often missing $20 $50. The boss claimed that the students parents didn’t pay their monthly fees. 1 day wewere $175short, andI went toask why. Iwas informed that certain ofthe parents hadn’t paid, however the student always attended classes. Ireceived the payment and asked toresign. The boss insisted thatI continue doing work for 15days free of charge, until hecould find another teacher. Isaid noand closed the contract. The coordinator spent months trying toget metocome back. Idiscovered that, with myresignation, some ofthe students left the institution because they didn’t like the way the new teacher taught them.

    Atthe second institution, the coordinator wanted tocontrol every minute ofmylife. One dayI had food poisoning, and she became very angry, saying that the students didn’t care ifI was sick ornot. She told metotake some medicine and obtain back towork. Eventually, Istarted giving private lessons, and nowI earn 10times a lot more than whatI was getting atthe 2schools.Lira Silva/Facebook
  • From somuch doing work for free for others, Ipromised thatI was going tostop being stupid and thatI had not been going towork anymore without receiving anything. Here, inmycity, you can find companies offering atrial period, but itisthe biggest lie. They use you and dont pay you. You work hard and, inthe end, you turn out worse than you wentin. Iwent during that experience afew times, andI even spent amonth doing work for akindergarten just toget paid $80. Idecided tostudy tosell cosmetics onmyown. Time has goneby, and its own been 9years since Igraduated. But today, Istill have mysame loyal customers.Aline Pinheiro/Facebook
  • Iworked with awell-known printer company, where some colleagues andI, women and men, were technicians inthe printing area. The firms that rented the printers requested that the employees stay onthe premises atall times. Mysupervisor would blatantly tellus, Idont accept women inIT, you belong athome. Imagine what itwas like towork insuch anenvironment. When Igot pregnant, that supervisor called meover privately totell methatI must have taken leave toget pregnant becauseI was slowing the complete team and throwing them off focus with mypregnancy issues.

    Until mymaternity leave, Ihad towork twice ashard because hedidnt say anything tothe men, who have been watching soccer games during working hours, while acolleague andI ran round the printing area carrying out work. Hewas also offended whenI found another job and told himI was going toresign. Hecalled meathome and said hewould need meand toplease consider returning. The very best thingI did was escape ofthat toxic environment.Isabel Fernanda dos Santos/Facebook
  • From hell toparadise inless than 3years. Iworked atacomputer school, and the bosses and supervisors were somean thatI developed some health issues. Onetime, Iwas hospitalized for aweek, and the supervisor called myhospital room toask whenI intended toreturn. She didnt even bother toask mehowI was doing there have been enough bad things going oninthat place towrite abook! Icried with emotion if they finally firedme. Immediately after, Igot ajob atanadvertising agency and the boss was fantastic. Mygrandmother passed on during office hours, and myboss was the main one who took mymother and metoher house. Iregretted itwhenI asked toresign tostart myown company, asI enjoyed dealing with them. Inthe meantime, the issues atthe other evil job continue tothis day. Not inmynightmares wouldI ever work there again.Grey Giotto/Facebook
  • Threatened toshow camera footage ofmetalking toacoworker ofthe opposite sex tomyfianc and ruin myfamily ifI didnt get enough sales. Quit the very next day. Tohell with that guy! Heended upgetting fired due toareport ofSA onafemale coworker.Zealousideal_Ice_775/Reddit
  • Once, Iwas hired towork alone inastore asasalesperson, whereI earned minimum wage with nocommission. Itwas Sunday toSunday with only 1 day off aweek. Ionly had 30minutes for lunch and may not close the store throughout that time. IfIwantedto, Ihad toeat there, inthe store, without even closing the entranceway. Italways happened that whenI started lunch, regardless ofthe time, the store would fill upwith customers asking about everything and wanting tobuy everything, making megive upeating lunch. Itwas like this for along time. Before owner, profiting alot from mywork, decided toopen asecond store next tothe first one. Sohedid, and hired afriend ofhis torunit. The difference was that the friend did charge acommission. Asexpected, healso used toarrive each day atleast anhour late, without the warning. Atlunchtime, hewould disregard the rules, close the store and goout for lunch for atleast anhour and ahalf. Hewould keep coming back and every 10minutes hewould leave, saying hewas going somewhere. The stores were similar inwhat they carried so when itcame toprices asifthey were competitors. Onaverage, Isold 5times a lot more than another one.

    Once the crisis hit, the boss had toclose one ofthem. Heclosed the less profitable one where his friend worked. Inthe meantime, hefired meand put him inmyplace. When Iargued with him in what the logic ofthat was becauseI was selling a lot more without commission, hereplied thatI had not been friends with him, just like the other employee, and thatI could prove what afriendI was bysubmitting myresignation. This way, ifhedidnt fireme, hewouldnt have topay myunemployment. Inthe end, seeing thatI was resisting, hefiredme. However, hestill have not paidme, and the issue isincourt, progressing atasnails pace because healleged that the business was bankrupt and had noway topayme. And the business really isbankrupt thanks tohis friend and employee.Alexandre Flotti/Facebook
  • Iworked inasmall clothing store, and the dog owner would walk around all day long. When she wasnt there, she was watchingus oncamera through anapp onher cellular phone. Everything wedid, she’d askus ifwehad doneit, and she was skeptical about everything. Once, acustomer returned apair ofshorts which were entered into our stores system. The boss wantedus tocheck the stock tofind the shorts, and ended uplooking for them herself. Inthe end, the pants were atanother store she owned, where these were returned. The worst thing was that she didnt tellus that she had found them wefound from asaleswoman atthe other store. This is one ofthe things, amongst others, that exhaustedme. When Iresigned, Itold her that the explanation for myresignation was her.Raquel Lara/Facebook
  • Afriend ofmine worked asacashier inasupermarket. She was atthe express checkout, that was for 10items orfewer, but 1 day, acustomer insisted ongoing through with acart full ofgroceries. When she informed her that she cannot utilize the checkout, the client screamed and called the manager. When hearrived, hesaid tomyfriend, You ought to have helped the girl as the customer isalways right. She explained tohim that the line was long and that she may have rung herup, yes, however the rule was only 10items, and the client had a lot more. The manager sent her tothe office tosign awarning for having, according tohim, mistreated acustomer. She resigned onthe spot after 5years ofworking there.Josiane Souza Alves/Facebook

Perhaps you have been through asituation that has been similar tothese stories, ordoyou know someone with asimilar experience? Doyou regret working inaplace that wasnt worthit?

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