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15 Astonishing Royal Tiaras We Wish WE’RE ABLE TO Hold, Even though Only for another

For awoman inthe royal family towear atiara, they will have tobeabride oralready married. Itisasymbol ofthe loss ofinnocence and thats why most royal brides wear itontheir big day. Royal experts insist that its not anaccessory that presents off someones wealth, but rather the significance ofthe occasion that its being wornat. Regardless of the purpose, there are plenty of historic tiaras that wehave had the opportunity tosee.

Bright Side made acompilation of15ofthe most well-known and stunning tiaras that belong tomembers ofthe British royal family.

GIRLS ofGreat Britain and Ireland Tiara

  • Awedding present that has been given tothe Duchess ofYork, later Queen Mary, in1893. Inthe past decades, Queen Elizabeth has worn the tiara onmany different occasions.

The Halo Tiara

  • The Queen lent this 739-brilliant cut diamond and 149 baguette diamond tiara toKate Middleton on her behalf big day. Itwas commissioned in1936 byKing George VIfor his wedding tohis wife the Queen Mother.

The Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara

  • In1913, Queen Mary commissioned ajeweler tomake her acopy ofher aunts, the Grand Duchess ofMecklenburg-Strelitz, tiara. She knew she wouldnt inherit the tiara, soshe decided tomake her very own.

The Cubitt-Shand Tiara

  • This tiara belonged toCamilla Bowles grandmother, who lent ittoher granddaughter on her behalf wedding in1973. After Camilas mother died, she inherited the tiara and lent ittoher own daughter, Laura, on her behalf wedding in2006.

The Spencer Family Tiara

  • This tiara has its roots in1937, when Cynthia Spencer, Queen Elizabeths Lady ofthe Bedchamber, needed something dazzling towear tothe Queens wedding.

The Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara


  • Dame Margaret Greville was the main one who this tiara was designed for, and ithas been seen inpublic hardly any times. That has been until Princess Eugenies wedding, where she famously donned the marvelous piece.

The George VISapphire Tiara

  • King George VIgave this tiara asawedding gift tohis daughter Queen Elizabeth in1947. Itwas created soitmatched the jewels that Elizabeth already owned and which are said todate back again to1850.

The Delhi Durbar Tiara

  • When King George Vand Queen Mary were tobecrowned Emperor and Empress ofIndia, the Queen needed something dazzling towear. So, Garrard created this tiara after dismantling the Boucheron Loop Tiara.

The Queen Mary Fringe Tiara

  • Queen Mary was gifted atiara byher mother Victoria in1893, but she decided todismantle itin1919 inorder tomake this tiara. She asked the famous jewelers E.Wolff andCo. for Garrard tocomplete the duty.

The Meander Tiara

  • Princess Andrew, born Princess Alice ofBattenberg, married Prince Andrew ofGreece and Denmark in1903. Itissaid that she was gifted this tiara which features avery characteristic Greek design pattern.

The Gloucester Honeysuckle Tiara

  • This beautiful tiara was commissioned byMary alittle while after she became Queen. Originally, the tiara had ataller central element that Queen Mary later had shortened.

The Brazilian Aquamarine Parure Tiara

  • This piece was commission byQueen Elizabeth and itstarted from aset ofearrings and anecklace. Both pieces were acoronation gift tothe Queen in1953 from Brazil.

The Burmese Ruby Tiara

  • Like a great many other tiaras before, that one was made with the dismantled jewels ofanolder tiara. Todays Queen Elizabeth had anold wedding gift ofhers repurposed into this ruby and diamond tiara weare looking atright now.

The Kent Diamond and Pearl Fringe Tiara

  • Queen Mary ofthe UK was the original owner ofthis tiara, that was later inherited byher daughter-in-law, Princess Marina, Duchess ofKent. Marinas daughter, Princess Alexandra, has worn itvery often.

The George IVState Diadem Crown

  • Unlike any ofthe other tiaras, that one was made for aKing. More specifically, George IVordered the crown in1820, sohecould wear ittohis coronation.

Can you ever wear atiara ifgiven the chance? Doyou believe that tiaras remain infashion orshould they beditched?

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