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15 Celebrity Bridal Beauty Looks to Inspire Your WEDDING DAY Glam

Looking for wedding makeup inspiration? You’re in the proper place. We obtain it: Even though you’ve successfully chosen a romantic date, a dress, and a venue, and were able to choose a guest list, choosing big day glam somehow still feels as though probably the most daunting area of the planning process. It’s your face, in the end, and pictures live forever. And what’s the idea of hiring a photographer if you cannot repost the pics for yearly anniversary posts?

Fortunately, the starsand their trusted glam squadshave got you as well as your complexion covered. Whether you are getting married the following month or in a few days, or aren’t engaged yet and making some manifestation Pinterest boards (no judgment!), continue reading for 15 gorgeous celebrity bridal looks to greatly help inspire your own future wedding makeup.

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