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15 INDIVIDUALS WHO Remind Us Never to Take Life Too Seriously

Laughing atourselves (inanon-demeaning way) and taking things lightly could bethe secret toahappier and healthier life. In the end, according toexperts, worrying an excessive amount of can becounter-productive, extremely stressful, and itdeprivesus ofbeautiful experiences. Luckily, there are plenty of ways toavoid getting stuck inthis rut. And something ofthem isbyfinding humor inour day-to-day activities.

Bright Side found these 16individuals who is able to showus how toappreciate life better bylaughing more and enjoying the light moments which come our way.

1. Parked mytruck next tothis car today.

2. Iwore this custom shirt while mywife was inlabor.

The shirt says, Idid this toyou.

3. Mywife asked for aCoach bag on her behalf birthday. Lets just say shes pretty happy today.

4. What mydad lacks inlegs, hemakes upfor with good humor!

The shirt says, Cant Beat the Parking.

5. Mom asked for a few recent pictures ofus on her behalf new house. Naturally, Idelivered.

6. Mywife said, Dont move, then snapped this pic ofme.

7. Mywife wasnt sure what tospend our arcade ticketson. Imade anexecutive decision.

8. Lemon bars tocelebrate avasectomy

9. At67, this ishowI match abrand new Corvette. The salesman laughed sohard and snapped this pic.”

10. Ihave along-standing struggle with mybuddy for probably the most ridiculous photo ID. Mywife suggestedI wear mymothers hot pink bathrobe for mynew drivers license, soIdid.

11. Icome in to the family room tosee mywife inher bridal dress… watching the royal wedding.

12. He made melaugh sohard!

13. For abrief moment, Ithought mydad had given meanamazing present.

14. Iasked mydad whatI should get for mynext tattoo. Hewas not impressed.

The ink reads, You dont need another tattoo. -Dad.

15. Peter Pan and his shadow, played bymynieces. One ofthem had tobethe shadow. Shes soproud back there.

Doyou feel safe making fun ofyourself sometimes? Doyou have afunny memory that has been soepic, itwill forever live within your head? Tellus about itinthe comment section!

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