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15 Photos That Prove Choosing Your Parents Vintage Outfits IS DEFINITELY advisable

Asweall know, fashion iscyclical, but there are several trends that never goout ofstyle. And contrary toour preconceptions, our vintage outfits can beused again and appearance quite stylish. Infact, these teens turned their parents old clothes into fashion sensations and blew upthe Internet.

WeatBright Side found some pictures that prove it is possible to shine inyour parents outfits and present asecond life toold clothes.

1. Mymoms prom dress… 25years later!!!

2. This is mymoms prom dress! Pretty inpink!

3. Revamped mymoms old prom dress and wore ittomysenior prom.

4. Iwore mymoms dress for mycivil ceremony. Still cant overcome how cute itis!

5. Mymothers prom dress from 1983

6. Tried onmymoms bridal dress from 1992. Those sleeves were really itchy.

7. Mydaughter wearing mywifes prom dress

8. Mymom inher senior high school prom clothe themselves in1983, and meinher senior high school prom clothe themselves in2017.

9. My15-year-old daughter wearing myprom dress 32years later!

10. Anelegant pink dress

11. Mymom took her bridal dress out ofthe attic after 27years and mylittle sister tried iton.

12. Im not just one tohold onto things but this is adarn good purchase! 21years later…

13. Simply for fun, Itried onmymoms bridal dress from 1985 and itwas sosilly.

14. Mymoms dress was too short infront for metowear asis, sowerefashioned itinto a leaving the marriage dress.

15. Iwore mymoms dress without altering itand love seeing side-by-sides ofour weddings.

Doyou wear clothes from your own parents? Do you want tojoin this trend and wear avintage outfit for animportant event? Feel free tocomment listed below!

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