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15 Stories About WELL KNOWN Celebs That Show How Stars ARE CREATED, Not Born

Psychology tellsus that what webecome when wegrow upismostly because ofour upbringing and great genes. Plus some people hit the jackpot inthe genetic lottery and receive unconditional love from their own families. Among others manage tofind fame thanks totheir parents unwavering support.

Bright Side values independence and effort. Thats why welisted afew ofour favorite celebrities who really climbed upthe A-list making use of their talent, luck, and the support oftheir families intheir hearts.

1. Selena Gomez

From being abeloved child star tobeing asuccessful entrepreneur, pop star, and artist, Selena Gomez has seemed toenjoy the limelight for some ofher life. However, itwasnt easy atfirst, asshe grew up byher mother, ayoung solo parent atthe time, and her grandparents, who have been there when she was still staring inbeauty pageants.

Even though 2had quite afalling-out in the last years, Gomez still expresses her love and adoration on her behalf mom onsocial media. Back2009, she even said, Mymom means myhappiness, mylove, mybest friend, and the planet tome. She isthe reasonI smile and the reason why Iam here.

2. Mark Ruffalo

The son ofahairdresser and construction painter, who wouldve thought that akid who had ahard time studying would grow uptobeaprolific theater performer, film actor, and also anAvenger? Mark Ruffalo also had his fair share ofhard work while pursuing tobeaprofessional artist. Heworked jobs topay the bills when hewent toacting school.

Today, hehas arrive way and has alist ofnominations and awards, including 2Emmys and aGolden Globe.

3. Chrissy Teigen

Now married tothe Grammy-winning singer, John Legend, the supermodel isnt too shy toshare her hardships and close relationship with her Thai mom onsocial media. At15, Chrissy Teigen was discovered while working inasurf shop inCalifornia, where she had her first modeling gig with Billabong. This helped boost her career with the support ofher parents, who have been innkeepers atthe time.

4. Ryan Reynolds

Before his stellar movie career, Ryan Reynolds was anaspiringTV actor with small parts. Hewas living inCanada along with his older brothers and parents. His mother worked inaretail store, while his father was aformer policeman.

After starring inahandful ofHollywood rom-coms, Reynolds appeared inatleast 67films. Despite his fame and success, hestill gushes about his love for his mom, with whom hehas avery close relationship.

5. Vanessa Hudgens

The Broadway star and SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Musical alum always dedicates her success toher Filipina mother. Hudgens even wanted tomake afilm concerning the life ofher mom, animmigrant who worked inanoffice while raising her and her sister, while her father, afirefighter, was often away because ofwork.

6. Dev Patel

Schneider-Press / W. Breite / SIPA / Sipa Press / East News, picture alliance / Geisler-Fotop / EAST NEWS

Before his big break inSlumdog Millionaire, the then-teen actor lived along with his parents, acare worker and anIT consultant. Along with his successful filmography, Dev Patel still brings his parents ashis dates tored carpet events.

7. Jennifer Lopez

She wouldnt beJenny from the block without her dynamic talent and the support ofher family. Adaughter ofateacher and computer technician, Jennifer Lopez isstill one ofthe highest-paid performers inHollywood and isconsidered apop icon.

Infact, music and entertainment really run inthe Lopez blood. Her older sister, Leslie, isanopera singer and teacher, while her younger sister, Lynda, isabroadcast journalist.

8. Lin-Manuel Miranda

Invision / Invision / East News, Invision / Invision / East News

The musical mastermind has animpressive set ofcollaborations with film studios and Broadway. You might have heard his genius songs inDisneys Encanto and the musical, Hamilton. But before venturing in to the creative world, Lin-Manuel Miranda had humble beginnings asason ofapsychologist and apolitical consultant.

9. Beyonc

Queen Bisone ofthe most sought-out divas ofthe twenty-first century, and thats because ofher parents help. When she started inthe entertainment industry with Destinys Child, Beyoncs mother, ahairdresser, used todesign and sew the groups costumes. Atthe same time, her father, asales manager, became their manager.

After her stint with Destinys Child, Beyonc went ontocreate aname for herself with award-winning performances and songs. She isalso currently asuccessful entrepreneur and producer with her husband, rapper Jay-Z.

10. Jason Momoa

Jason Momoas acting career was catapulted into fame after playing Khal Drogo inthe phenomenalTV series, Game ofThrones. Hewas then offered apromising future inHollywood. Heisnow set toreprise his role asthe titular Aquaman and contains many action films under his belt.

The fun-loving actor isalso abig family man. Despite his great success asanaction star, his relationship along with his children isalways close-knit. This reflects his bond along with his parents, aformer painter and aphotographer.

11. Zendaya

Before becoming the rising star she istoday, Zendaya endured sleepless nights, competition, and being from her mom, aschoolteacher, for countless days while making itbig asachild actor. She was accompanied byher dad, who quit his teaching job tojoin her inauditions and be her manager.

Regardless of the fame, she isstill very close toboth her parents. She once shared inaninterview, Im really lucky tohave the parents Ihave. They just have always instilled inmethose core values thatI thinkI have tocarry with methrough everything, guess what happens Imean?

12. Taron Egerton

Elizabeth Goodenough / Everett Collection / East News, ADRIAN DENNIS / AFP / East News

The multitalented actor shared inaninterview that heachieved his dream career inHollywood because ofhis familys unwavering support. There is never any expectationI would earn money, soitwas [encouragement] togoand dowhat enables you to happy, andI think they feltI was good atit, hesaid. Taron Egerton owes his success tohis mom, asocial worker, who raised him asasolo parent.

13. Charlize Theron

JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX / AFP / East News, John Shearer / Invision / AP / East News

Charlize Theron continues toprove that her talent inacting goes way beyond her looks. She definitely got her blonde beauty and striking features from her mom, Gerda, aformer farmer and road constructionist, who raised her onher own. In addition they share aspecial bond, asGerda helps her look after her very own children.

Inaninterview, Theron said, Iam fortunate thatI had agreat mom who really kind ofmade mebrave and always told metobebrave.

14. Chris Evans

Being Captain America isamajor popularity boost, especially ifyou result from asimple background. Asason ofalocal theater director and adentist, you might think otherwise and say Chris Evans originated from ahighly affluent family inHollywood.

Some locals are even shocked byhis familys humility. One shared, SoIwalked in to the dentist today. Mydentist asked mehow myweekend was. Isaid, Good, Iwatched Captain America yesterday evening. Ireally liked it. And mydentist said, Oh, myson isinthat movie. Ithought hewas joking until Irealized, Dr. Robert Evans.

15. Kate Middleton

Stuart Hardy / ABACAPRESS.COM / Abaca / East News, AFP / EAST NEWS

Everyone is aware of the sweet meet-cute that occurred between your Duke and Duchess ofCambridge if they were still incollege. This encounter blossomed into one ofthe most documented royal love stories. One might presume that Kate was royalty, in the end. However, that wasnt the case on her behalf.

Her parents, prior tobecoming companies, worked inthe airline industry asaflight dispatcher and aflight attendant.

Which ofthese stars isyour favorite? Which ofthem were you surprised tofind onthis list?

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