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16 ITEMS THAT New Zealand Does Way, Way MUCH BETTER THAN Australia

1. The elements.

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Yes, Australia is warmer, but also for around three months of the entire year it is possible to barely go outside because its so hot. In NZ there is a a lot more temperate climate. It may be colder in winter, but it’s simpler to bundle up for two months than it really is to be constantly sweating from October to March.

2. Having the ability to buy booze at the supermarket.

Amazed by the beer choices at the neighborhood ” NEW WORLD ” supermarket #Wellington #NewZealand

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The sheer capability of this will make all Aussies desire to move there ASAP.

3. Plus, a 12-pack of beer is $20.

4. New Zealand’s capital city is in fact cool.

8. The diversity of the landscape.

11. The overall view of human rights.

12. So when a side bar, New Zealand will be a lot less outspokenly racist.

13. The extreme lifestyle.

14. The overall isolation (in a great way).

15. The wealth of things you can do and how easy everything is to reach.

16. And finally, New Zealand includes a lot fewer Aussies living there.

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