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17 INDIVIDUALS WHO Had No Idea Their Day Could Become a Comedy Show

Lots of people will let you know that asense ofhumor isatthe top oftheir list when looking for apartner. But this characteristic isnt only the power tolaugh atother peoples jokes, but toalso start to see the funny side oflife ingeneral. Its okay tomake fun ofyourself and othersif, ofcourse, your goal isnt tobenegative. Simply take alook around you, and youll recognize that you can find somany funny things happening.

Bright Side knows that life can beunpredictable, and you can find somany examples ofthis that wethought weshould share some ofthem with you.

1. The models and the art

2. Undoubtedly the very best photoI took atmysisters wedding

3. Mykid wished to open the banana byherself today. AmIraising aserial killer?

4. McDonalds, where one can burn off everything you eat!

5. While onvacation, mysister asked for apicture ofher 2cats. This iswhat she got.

6. Agood friend had just bought aCivic SIand asked ifId swap him for aweekend for myLand Rover.

Isent him this Photoshopped shot ofhis car plus some random dude fishing.

7. Underneath one iswondering ifthat couch isgonna hold.

8. You can find 10Canadians inthe room. Its been 10minutes since this example developed. Noone ismentioningit. The strain ismounting.

9. First day back atschool and what doIsee?

10. Its abad idea todothose things.

11. Nice helmet.

12. Sometimes when she wakes upfrom anap, her mouth iscrooked.

Usually, ayawn fixesit, but also for just afew seconds, she stares atmewith this incredibly awkward expression.

13. Best graffiti artist on the market

14. DIY privacy protector: painters tape and 2paperclips for weight Ive been using itfor 2years.

15. Aused boat top isagreat cargo area shade.

16. Doggo doesnt getit.

17. Bought mybrother aGru Costume asajoke. Who designed this?

That which was the newest moment when life served you agood dose ofhumor once you least expectedit?

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