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17 People Whose Tattoos Develop a Large amount of Laughter

Inasmall round ofresearch, out ofthe 600 people asked, about78% ofthem regretted having atleast one oftheir tattoos. Maybe its because 3out of4didnt really plan their chosen design until afew weeks prior. Which means that itwas adecision that wasnt well-thought-out so when the excitement wore off, regret made anappearance.

Bright Side come up with acollection of17tattoos which were either done very poorly ortheir purpose was tosimply befunny.

1. Myuncles new tattoo. Christmas will beawkward this season.

2. How doyoudo, fellow emos?

3. Somuch love for air fryers.

4. Everybody loves Danny DeVito, however, not asmuch asthis person.

5. Noragrets onthis one.

6. First tattoo, what yall think?

7. Friend just got this.

8. Do you want fries with that?

9. Combining the love for burgers and ninja turtles.

10. How tomake abirthmark entertaining.

11. Got myleg tattooed.

12. Some terrible anatomy. Where are his feet?

13. Afriend ofmine got this tat when hewas16.

14. Cowboy hat cat.

15. Isee your 5and ahalf toes and raise you one awesome tattoo.

16. Alocal shop just posted he.

17. Itold him not todoit… myfriend got acentipede tattoo onhis face.

Doyou have any tattoos that you thought were agood idea once you got them, nevertheless, you now realize how lousy they look?

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