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18 THOSE WHO HAVE a Knack for Design WHICH MAKES the World just a little Brighter

Without designers, this world definitely wouldn’t normally beasfun. They be mindful not only ofyour comfort but additionally your look. Even asimple bench onthe street can double its versatility and be a lot more helpful byadding one particular detail.

WeatBright Side rounded up18creative items toinspire you and wewant toshare them with you today.

1. Homeless-friendly architecture isthe best.

2. Keyboard with cheese-styled keycaps

3. This watch from the 80s

4. Velour bust ofDavid

5. This refrigerator has rotating shelves.

6. You can find bins along cycle paths inthe Netherlands that enable you tothrow out trash without slowing.

7. This park bench can fold out into atable. All park bench designers can stop what theyre doing, weve reached elite-park-bench-status.


9. The entranceway handle inthis pen shop isapen.

10. This watermelon bikeI saw inFlorence afew years back.

11. This phone case

12. Park bench with asolar powered USB charger

13. These vents are painted tolook like snails!

14. Some ofthe benches round the lakes inCopenhagen have already been elevated by1meter inorder toraise awareness regarding rising sea levels.

15. This floor ismade ofreal comics.

16. This chair becomes astep ladder.

17. The art ofbathroom

18. This library wall where one can very literally grab aseat.

Which design did you prefer probably the most? What isthe most creative thing inyour home?

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