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19 Photos That Prove our body Is really a Wonderland Indeed

The main one definite thing concerning the body isthat its full ofmysteries and variables that medical science cannot explain. For instance, both Catherine OHara and Enrique Iglesias have situs inversus, where all oftheir organs are onthe other side ofthe body compared to the norm. Each ofour bodies may house something rare, withoutus even noticingit, even ifits not asdramatic asthe examples below.

Bright Side found some individuals with rarities intheir bodies, and lucky forus, in addition they managed totake some pictures toproveit.

1. Ican create a square with myfingers.

2. This shapeI could make with mytongue

3. None ofmyfingers have amiddle joint.

4. Iwas born with aleg defect which makes myknee face inward onthe sides ofmylegs.

5. Ihave atear drop-shaped birthmark perfectly placed directly under myright eye.

6. The artificial disks inmyspine appear to be ablack hole inthis MRI.

7. Im the guy with 4fingers onhis right hand!

8. Myiris ismisshapen, butI have noknown eye problems after 25years!

9. Iwas born with 6fingers onmyleft hand. The old fingernail still grows asatiny claw out the medial side.

10. Ihave asort ofasecond ankle. The physician said hed never seen this before.

11. Born without apupil inmyleft eye

12. This patch ofhair that grows with nocolor pigment, lately Ive thought its actually kind ofcool.

13. Myring finger has several joints.

14. Myson was created with natural elf ears.

15. Im double jointed inboth myshoulder blades. Ilook like abooster seat.

16. Hormones made myeyes look twice asbig.

17. Ican lick PAST myelbow.

18. Mygeographic tongue. One of3% ofthe population.

19. Iwas born with ahole atthe top ofmyear which used tocry whenI cried asababy.

Doyou, oranybody you understand, have any unique features inyour bodies? Why is itmemorable toyou?

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