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1995 Gargoyles Game GETS A Remaster


Image: Disney

Disney had a large event the other day that, Ill be honest, I let wash over me because announcements like Avatar games and Alien games that arent an Isolation sequel arent really for me personally. A very important factor they didnt really cover, though, and that i wish that they had done in much more detail, was the wonderful news that classic platformer Gargoyles gets a remaster.

Released in 1995 for the Genesis, Gargoyles was in line with the animated group of exactly the same name, and just like a large amount of other Disney games of that time periodAladdin and Lion King specifically, even though these were produced by different studioswas famous not only because of its platforming action, but also for precisely how beautiful it had been.

Understand this. Just consider it!

Everything concerning this is Sega Genesis, mid-90s perfection. What sort of backgrounds wrap round the player, the flickering of the torchlight, the scrolling on the train level, argh, its all so excellent. And the animation! Its simply stunning.

Anyway, enough of me getting all sentimental, you obtain the theory. This game was great, but additionally Gargoyles was never that popular, therefore this licensed adaptation wasnt either, and despite its similar pedigree it hasn’t been as fondly recalled as, say,Aladdin.

Maybe that’s going to change, though, because saved in Disneys summary news release from the other day is:

Gargoyles Remastered: The classic 90s platformer is arriving at modern consoles and PC with updated visuals and controls in collaboration with Empty Clip Studios.

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That is cool! Im always cautious with attempts to take classic games and present them updated visuals death to upscaling filters especiallyso hopefully there remains a choice to play it since it was originally developed and conceived. Though to instantly contradict myself, the originals controls and movement feel also sucked, so attempts to include updated controls wont be as controversial.

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