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2 yrs after Zoom incident, Jeffrey Toobin leaving CNN

NY Jeffrey Toobin, who rejoined CNN as a legal analyst after stepping away in the wake of exposing himself to colleagues in a Zoom call, said Friday he was leaving the network after 20 years.

Toobin announced the move around in a tweet, saying he was glad to invest his last day on the air with friends Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon.

Love all my former colleagues, he wrote.

Toobin was fired by THE BRAND NEW Yorker magazine in 2020 following the news arrived he was spotted masturbating on a Zoom call with magazine employees. Toobin said he didnt realize his camera was on, and apologized for the incident.

CNN brought him back on the air eight months following the incident occurred.

Toobin have been with CNN since 2002 and may be the writer of several books, lately True Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Investigation of Donald Trump, published in August 2020. His 1996 book, The Run of His Life: INDIVIDUALS v. O.J. Simpson, was adapted into an FX series.

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