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20+ Children Who Remind Us How Fun Life COULD BE When Seen Through Their Eyes

Sometimes having achild means coping with acomedian. Wenever know very well what they’ll come upwith ortheir next move. Little folks are often very unpredictable atthis stage oflife, and their innocence never ceases tosurpriseus.

Bright Side wants toshow you 23moments inwhich some children lived uptotheir role aschildren.

1. 2-year-old put crayons inthe dishwasher. Theres nocoming back from that.


3. Nowords.


5. Mysister found some large bandaids inthe bathroom.


7. Ibought awatermelon almost a year ago, itquickly was lost, andI assumed someone threw itaway byaccident.

However, while cleaning mykids playroom, Ifound itintheir toy fridge. Mygod, itstunk!!


9. SoIcaught myson making potions.


11. Nap time, Iguess. She brought her bedtime snacks.


13. 8-year-old playing volleyball with mom for exercise. Thanks, bud.

14. Mydaughter tripped and fell 2days ago atthe library. Ihad knee surgery, and today she isvicariously experiencing her pain throughme.

15. Someone bit into this fake pear. Im let’s assume that its akid from the bite size.

16. Mykid likes sand.

17. Picked mykid upfrom the bus stop today.

18. Kid finds the labelling machine.

19. Myson tried totrick the tooth fairy for additional money byputting other teeth under his pillow.

20. Mybrilliant kid thought itwas agood idea toprint the complete Microsoft online privacy policy.

21. Just areminder. Hide all ofyour devices.

22. IpromiseI didnt cut myhair.

23. Myson isupset because wewont feed him dog food.

That which was the craziest idea your son or daughter had? Well read your answers inthe comments.

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