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20+ INDIVIDUALS WHO Found a method to Give A COMMON Clothing Items another Life

All ofus have well known pair ofjeans oraT-shirt that wenever want topart with. But our clothes tend towear out as time passes, orthey maybe they got ruined with bleach orpaint. However, the heroes ofour article dont think this isareason tothrow a common items away. They channel their creativity and sewing skills tofix them and make sure they are even cooler.

AtBright Side, weare also attached tosome ofour clothing items, and weloved the next ideas for how toprolong their service time.

Mycheap bra started ripping inthe middle. And Idecided tomendit.

Myold sneakers had ahuge hole soI added alittle color.

Icut out felt hearts and sewed them over some ruined text onmyhoodie.

They are the first pair ofjeansI wore after having a baby toour son. Imended these shorts. It is possible to call meridiculously sentimental, butI will continue tohang ontothem.

Isplashed bleach onanew skirt and un-ruined itwith some lazy daisies.

Myfirst mending project onmyroommates shorts. The tear was from the earth tothe shooting star.

Ifyou dont understand how tomend ahole onyour favorite shirt tomake itlook discreet, add apatch which will bevisible toeveryone.

Anold sock can save your valuable jeans.

Ireplaced snaps with ribbon onmyvintage dress, and today its like new.

Overkill? Yes. Fun todo? Also yes.

Myfavorite overalls might eventually bemore crochet cotton than denim.

Itried tospruce upmyvery old sneakers. Im pleased with how they proved.

Ive never been great with color matching, Iwas afraid the patch was much too dark.

Mymoms 80s denim jacket getting new lease of life!

Iwasnt ready topass onthis boring old tee at this time.

Istained ahoodie while painting artwork onit, and had toimprovise with some denim patches.

Igot new overalls that ended upbeing too small. Ithought Id have toget rid ofthem. But mymom had asmart idea for how tofix them. Theyre mynew favorite unique thing towear now.

Igot hair dye onmycollar. Well, mending time!

The belt loop ripped onmyfavorite pants.

Alotus tocover some very minor holes inapair ofshorts

First ripped jeans for mytoddler first patch job forme!

This linen shirt was abandoned with bleach stains soIve been embroidering ferns tocoverit. Its still awork inprogress but Im pleased with how itlooks sofar.

What doyou usuallydo: mend your old items orthrow them away? Tellus inthe comments below.

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