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20 INDIVIDUALS WHO Stopped within their Tracks Before Taking Their First Bite of Food

Whether its afive-star restaurant, junk food, orhome cooking, you can find always some unforeseen events when itcomes tocooking. Gastronomy has many faces and behind-the-scenes stories full ofexcitement, anger, joy, and several other feelings for both chef and the adventurous diner.

Bright Side gathered 20pictures that tellus concerning the strangest and funniest items that happened topeoples food.

1. Asked mypartners mom not totake the lid off the riceI just cooked whileI quickly ran tothe shop. When Igot back, she said the rice was burnt, soshe put warm water init.

2. Ithink myboiled egg has anegg init!

3. Ordered ajr. bacon cheeseburger without tomato. Got only tomato.

4. That one completely black Corn Chex inmycereal today.

5. Bought 2pizzas, and something was included with the toppings directly onthe cardboard with anaked crust underit.

6. McDonalds somehow forgot underneath bun.

7. Three yolks inside aneggI cracked today. Apparently, its aone in25million chance.

8. Anyone down for a few raw chicken salmonella cake?

9. An ideal breakfast tostart your day.

10. Saw this guys loaded shake outside ofaConey Waffle and had toask him for apic.

11. In this manner children eat even more fruit and veggies.

12. One ofthe Coke cans inthe crateI just bought has aninverted top.

13. Mydough converted into amonster.

14. Myyogurt isthe identical color asmybowl.

15. This KitKat minus the best benefit, the filling.

16. When itisnot watermelon season.

17. Nomatter howI try topick this upits going tospill.

18. Once you wait 30minutes for the delivery person toarrive sothe pizza will arrive such as this.

19. Aplace here intown sells this, appropriately named, Dragon Scale pizza.

20. Forgot about acan ofwolf brand chili inthe back ofthe fridge, and the mold growing appears like wolf hair.

What funny orstrange things have happened toyou inthe kitchen? Doyou prefer cooking orbuying prepared food?

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