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20% Of GAMING Fans Wish THEY MIGHT Own This Extremely Rare Console

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Video gaming have already been around for a lot more than 60 years now. As the early titles were two-dimensional with simple mechanics, enthusiasts now enjoy high-resolution 3D gameplay on large monitors and virtual reality headsets. Despite the fact that PCs and laptops are powerful enough to perform video gaming, some gaming fans would rather play on the favorite consoles, that could function as latest PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X.

However, numerous users desire to own classic gaming consoles which are extremely rare to get. And while they could not work like new, these rare artifacts can cost thousands.

Recently, we surveyed our readers about which rare the game console . they would like to own. We gathered 588 responses from people in the usa. To your surprise, probably the most famous rare the game console . isn’t the oldest or probably the most expensive. Listed below are the outcomes of SlashGear’s survey about rear gaming consoles and their popularity among gaming aficionados.

Is all that glitters gold?

gold minish cap game boy advance sp


In the survey, SlashGear asked gaming fans about extremely rare consoles they wish they might own. In the first place, 11.39% of respondents desire to own the Gold Minish Cap Game Boy Advance SP. A geniune Gold Minish Cap Game Boy Advance SP has been listed from $70,000 to $95,000 on online auction sites.

Now, let’s discuss the priciest game console ever created: TheNintendo Wii Supreme. As the original NINTENDO WII GAMING CONSOLE arrived in 2006, it quickly became the overall game creator’s most well-known console. Later, the maker of the iPad Supreme, Stuart Hughes, created the NINTENDO WII GAMING CONSOLE Supreme. The console is manufactured with 2,500 grams of 22-karat gold and contains diamonds on the outer surface. Hughes says it’s worth $365,000. Despite being probably the most expensive console, a middling 14.63% of survey participants voted for the NINTENDO WII GAMING CONSOLE Supreme.

Did you ever hear of the Nintendo 64DD? Since it works out, 16.67% of individuals involved with our survey wish they might own the rare the game console .. That is perhaps among the oldest consoles on our list since it premiered in 1996 with games like “Super Mario 64” and “Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.” Even though console never made its way to avoid it of Japan, a fresh unit can choose a lot more than $7,800.

The PS4 20th Anniversary Edition reigns supreme

Sony PS4 20th Anniversary


With 18.37% votes, the Nintendo PlayStation may be the third hottest rare the game console . out there. It had been the initial product from Sony and Nintendo. However, the collaboration didn’t work, and the firms manufactured only 200 of these, making it a brilliant rare find. Among the prototypes was sold for an impressive $360,000.

Another rare console that secures the next position inside our survey may be the Atari Cosmos. Of these surveyed, 18.71% said they wished to own one. Being an unreleased item, only six are recognized to exist, out which half come in working condition. Back 2010, among the partially working consoles was sold for $7,500.So there exists a chance that console will probably be worth more today.

But it’s PS4 20th Anniversary Edition that takes the cake with 20.24% votes, rendering it the most famous rare the game console . inside our survey. For context, PlayStation celebrated its 20th birthday in 2014. The console was so popular that Sony sold all of the 12,300 units made within days. The console was coming in at $499. While lucky people got their practical the limited edition console, many still wish that they had the Sony PS4 20th Anniversary Edition.

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