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2022 NFL preview: Bold predictions, final record for every team, plus playoff picks and Super Bowl LVII winner

With the beginning of the NFL season coming this week, which means it’s time for everyone’s favorite thing: PREDICTIONS.

Sure, a lot of people only love reading predictions in order to make fun of all you got wrong by the end of the growing season, but that isn’t a problem for me personally. I’m a middle child, so I am made fun of my life.

Before we reach my predictions, i want to explain how things will work here: I’ll proceed through each division and predict each team’s final record. From then on, I’ll be creating a bold prediction for every division. As soon as you roll through the divisional part of these predictions, you will see my playoff picks and finally, my Super Bowl champion. In four of days gone by seven years, I’ve correctly picked the AFC team that finished up in the Super Bowl, and in two of days gone by seven years, my preseason Super Bowl pick is finished up winning everything, so you may desire to scroll down to check out my prediction for the Super Bowl to see if I’m picking your preferred team.

Also, since everybody knows that making fun of someone’s predictions is half the fun of reading predictions, it is possible to send all of yourhate tweets if you ask me on Twitter by clicking here, and just which means you know, Cardinals fans, I’m already mentally finding your way through your hate tweets.

Finally, if you are wondering how I did so last season, I predicted the precise win total of five different teams. I also correctly predicted the complete NFC divisional round of the playoffs. Not merely did I predict that the Packers would play the 49ers, but I also predicted that the Rams would play the Buccaneers. However, I completely whiffed on Philadelphia. I had the Eagles going 5-12 and when you watched any football in 2021, you then know the Eagles didn’t go 5-12. With a first-year coach, they finished up going 9-8 and making the playoffs. Personally i think so very bad about whiffing in it this past year that I’ll make it around them by picking them to win the division this season…. or maybe I will not. I have no idea, I’m uncertain yet.

You do not care about this past year though, so let’s reach the 2022 predictions.

AFC East

1. *Bills: 13-4

2. Dolphins: 9-8

3. Patriots: 7-10

4. Jets: 5-12

AFC East bold prediction: Sauce Gardner wins Defensive Rookie of the entire year

I don’t possess high expectations for the Jets this season, but I really do have high expectations for Sauce Gardner, their rookie corner who was simply selected with the fourth overall pick in the NFL Draft. Gardner plays in a division in which a cornerback can thrive and that is as the starting quarterbacks he’ll be facing in the AFC East all love throwing interceptions. Josh Allen, Mac Jones and Tua Tagovailoa all finished with double-digit picks last season (Allen tied for the third-most interceptions in the NFL with 15 while Jones threw 13 and Tua threw 10). Needless to say, even though he doesn’t win rookie of the entire year, I really do fully expect him to win coolest endorsement of the entire year because no-one will probably top “Sauce sauce.”

A Jets player employing a company which has “Buffalo” in the title can only just imply that Gardner will torture the Bills this year…. or Buffalo will probably torture him. One or another.

AFC North

1. *Ravens: 12-5

2. *Bengals: 11-6

3. Steelers: 8-9

4. Browns: 6-11

AFC North bold prediction: Ravens go from worst-to-first

Each year, the NFL appears to produce a minumum of one team that goes from worst-to-first. This past year, it had been the Bengals, which year, I believe that team is once more going to result from the AFC North with Baltimore. Even though Ravens finished in the bottom of the division this past year, their 8-9 record was arguably sort of impressive considering just how many players they lost to injury. I possibly could try to list all of them here, but my keyboard might explode easily tried to list that lots of names (There have been many of them). Not merely did they lose Lamar Jackson for five games, however they also lost key starters like cornerbacks Marcus Peters and Marlon Humphrey, alongside running backs J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards. Provided that they can remain healthy, I think they are able to win the division.

AFC South

1. *Colts: 10-7

2. Titans 8-9

3. Jaguars: 6-11

4. Texans: 5-12

AFC South bold prediction: Derrick Henry and Jonathan Taylor both top 1,900 rushing yards

The AFC South has arguably both best running backs in the NFL in Henry and Taylor, so I’m putting them in a prediction together. The reason why this qualifies as a bold prediction is basically because it’s NEVER happened in NFL history. There’s never been a season where two running backs both rushed for a lot more than 1,900 yards. The closest it found happening was in 2003 when Baltimore’s Jamal Lewis (2,066 yards) and Green Bay’s Ahman Green (1,883) both ran for a lot more than 1,880 yards. Although Henry has been among the NFL’s best running backs throughout his six-year career, he’s only topped 1,900 yards once. For Taylor, his career-high came last season when he led the NFL with 1,811 yards. This season, I’ll predict they both top 1,900.

AFC West

1. *Chargers: 12-5

2. *Chiefs: 11-6

3. *Broncos: 10-7

4. Raiders: 9-8

AFC West bold prediction: Every team in the division finishes above .500

The AFC West is indeed loaded this season that the complete division could find yourself making NFL history. Because the NFL-AFL merger in 1970, there’s NEVER been a season where each and every team in a division finished with an absolute record. There were several seasons where in fact the last place team finished 8-8 (lately in 2008 NFC East), but there’s never been an example where every team finished ABOVE .500. With Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, Justin Herbert and Derek Carr at quarterback, it’s hard to assume any team in this division finishing the entire year with a losing record.

NFC East

1. *Eagles: 11-6

2. *Cowboys: 10-7

3. Commanders: 6-11

4. Giants: 5-12

NFC East bold prediction: Micah Parsons wins Defensive Player of the entire year

I considered picking the Giants to win the division, just kidding, no I didn’t. I simply wanted Giants fans to feel great about something for a short second because I’m uncertain there’s likely to be much to feel great concerning this year. Anyway, my bold prediction in the NFC East is that Micah Parsons eventually ends up taking home the Defensive Player of the entire year award. Parsons had probably the most electrifying rookie seasons of any defensive player in NFL history and that is a big reason he was voted Defensive Rookie of the entire year last season. The Defensive Player of the entire year award is normally reserved for Aaron Donald or someone with the final name of Watt, but this season, I’ll say Parsons breaks through and wins it.

NFC North

1. *Packers: 12-5

2. *Vikings: 10-7

3. Lions: 6-11

4. Bears: 4-13

NFC North bold prediction: Romeo Doubs wins Offensive Rookie of the entire year

During his MVP season this past year, Aaron Rodgers targeted Davante Adams 169 times sufficient reason for Adams no more on the roster, those targets need to go someplace else and I’m guessing that the majority of them will undoubtedly be likely to Doubs. The rookie receiver had an extraordinary training camp and even though he’s struggled slightly with drops, I’m not too worried about that. After all,there is a problem about drops with Ja’Marr Chase through the preseason this past year and everything appeared to workout just fine for him. It is a bold prediction because Doubs happens to be somewhat of an extended shot to win the award. At 14-to-1, you can find four players with better odds.

NFC South

1. *Buccaneers: 10-7

2. Saints: 9-8

3. Panthers: 7-10

4. Falcons: 4-13

NFC South bold prediction: Tom Brady sets single-season record for some passing yards

Tom Brady already holds just about any NFL passing record, why not add yet another? The Buccaneers quarterback threw for 5,316 yards last season, that was the third-highest single-season total in NFL history. Although Brady was impressive this past year, apparently he could be better still this season.

Not an 11-day vacation can slow him down.

If Brady is throwing it much better than ever, then your NFL should just cancel the growing season because there is no way he’ll let Tampa Bay lose an individual game. The only real nervous about this prediction is that Brady may not survive the growing season playing behind Tampa Bay’s battered offensive line. If he does survive, I will not be surprised if he tops Peyton Manning’s record of 5,477 passing yards that has been occur 2013.

NFC West

1. *Rams: 11-6

2. *49ers: 10-7

3. Seahawks: 6-11

4. Cardinals: 6-11

NFC West bold prediction: Cardinals finish in last place

After watching the Cardinals make the playoffs last season, I’m predicting they totally collapse this season. The two items that worry me probably the most are the lack of DeAndre Hopkins (who’s suspended for the initial six games) and their depth at corner. On the Hopkins end, since acquiring him in March 2020, the Cardinals offense has struggled whenever he’s not on the field, this means they might battle to score points early in the growing season. Also, they will be short-handed at corner with Antonio Hamilton missing at the very least the initial four games of the growing season. Not having the ability to score rather than having the ability to stop the pass could mean trouble early in the growing season because the Cards open the entire year with consecutive games against three high-powered offenses in the Chiefs, Raiders and Rams. If the Cardinals start 0-3, I possibly could see them fully imploding from there.

NFC Playoffs

Teams: 1. Packers 2. Rams 3. Eagles 4. Buccaneers 5. Cowboys 6. Vikings 7. 49ers

Wild Card

(7) 49ers 22-19 over (2) Rams

(6) Vikings 30-27 over (3) Eagles

(4) Buccaneers 34-31 over (5) Cowboys


(1) Packers 20-17 over (7) 49ers

(4) Buccaneers 30-23 over (6) Vikings

NFC Championship

(1) Packers 27-24 over (4) Buccaneers

AFC Playoffs

Teams: 1. Bills 2. Chargers 3. Ravens 4. Colts 5. Chiefs 6. Bengals 7. Broncos

Wild Card

(7) Broncos 27-20 over (2) Chargers

(6) Bengals 34-27 over (3) Ravens

(5) Chiefs 31-23 over (4) Colts


(7) Broncos 26-23 over (1) Bills

(5) Chiefs 37-30 over (6) Bengals

AFC Championship

(7) Broncos 23-20 over (5) Chiefs

Super Bowl LVII in Phoenix (Fox)

Broncos 31-24 over Packers

Playoffs bold prediction: Broncos shock everyone and win their fourth Super Bowl

Days gone by two Super Bowls have both been won by way of a quarterback who was simply in his first year with a fresh team (Tom Brady, Matthew Stafford) and you also know very well what, I’ve decided I’m just likely to ride that train until it crashes, so I am going with Russell Wilson and the Broncos to win everything this year.

If I’ve learned a very important factor from watching Wilson for days gone by 10 years, it’s that should you give him an excellent defense, a good running game and decent receivers, there is a good chance he’ll help you to the Super Bowl, and the Broncos have all that.

During Super Bowl week, we’ll have the ability to spend seven straight days discussing the truth that the Broncos are coached by way of a guy (Nathaniel Hackett), who spent days gone by three seasons in Green Bay as Matt LaFleur’s offensive coordinator.

The prediction here’s that Wilson and Hackett the Broncos to a 31-24 make an impression on the Packers, which is somewhat poetic because the win should come 25 years following the Broncos beat the Packers 31-24 in Super Bowl XXXII. I fully expect this game to become a thriller because that’s basically what goes on any moment Wilson and Aaron Rodgers face one another (See: Fail Mary and/or 2014 NFC title game).

If the Packers lose, I’m guessing Aaron Rodgers will spend the complete offseason on a South American psychedelic drug bender, that is probably the ditto I’d do.

However, if the Broncos find yourself winning the Super Bowl, Russell Wilson will likely be spending his entire offseason turning among the 12 bathrooms in his new Denver house right into a Lombardi Trophy room.

After all, let’s not pretend, nobody needs 12 bathrooms.

As your final note, I’ll have you understand that I’ve only picked the Broncos to win the Super Bowl an added time since I am working at CBS Sports and that came in 2015. Fortunately that I finished up being right. The bad news is that I didn’t find yourself moving to Barbados.

Finally, if my season predictions all pan out — and I’m sure they’ll — some tips about what the very best of the NFL Draft order can look like next April.

Order of first five picks for 2023 NFL Draft

1. Falcons

2. Texans

3. Giants

4. Bears

5. Jets

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