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2024 Acura ZDX Would be the Brand’s First EV

What’s happening

Acura confirmed its first EV, set to launch in 2024, will undoubtedly be called ZDX. A higher-performance ZDX Type S is coming, too.

Why it matters

The ZDX will ride on a single electric architecture because the Honda Prologue, that is being co-developed with General Motors.

What’s next

Acura will launch vehicles alone EV architecture from 2026, with the purpose of being truly a fully electric carmaker by 2040.

Acura will launch its first fully electric vehicle in 2024, so when it arrives, it’ll have a familiar name: ZDX. Acura on Thursday confirmed it’ll resurrect the name of its old love-it-or-hate-it SUV because of this brand-new EV, and the business said a higher-performance ZDX Type S variant is in the cards, aswell.

The “Z” in “ZDX” is intended to signify “zero-emissions,” so that it works together with the -DX naming convention Acura uses because of its SUVs. “Whenever we imagined this vehicle, we didn’t think about it as a continuation of 1 model line in to the next,” Emile Korkor, Acura’s assistant vice president of sales, explained within an interview. “The truth that it starts with a ‘Z’ is merely sort of perfect.”

The Precision EV Concept previews the brand new ZDX.


The initial ZDX was sold from 2009 to 2013, and honestly, it had been kind of before its time. No, the styling wasn’t for everybody (I liked it!), nonetheless it was among the original crossover coupes — a body style that’s extremely popular nowadays. Korkor said the brand new ZDX may also be an extremely stylized vehicle, and its own design language is previewed by the Acura Precision EV concept that also debuted during Monterey Car Week on Thursday.

When it continues on sale in 2024, the ZDX will ride on a single electric vehicle architecture because the upcoming Honda Prologue, that is being co-developed with General Motors. The ZDX use GM’s Ultium battery technology and really should slot between your RDX and MDX crossovers when it comes to size.

The ZDX may be the first major part of Acura’s electrification plans. In 2026, the business will launch vehicles predicated on its EV architecture, with the purpose of learning to be a fully electric automaker by 2040.

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