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21 Work Pants To Fill Your Closet With IF YOU ARE Going To ANY OFFICE

We’re keepin’ things business casual.

Hopefully you love the merchandise we recommend! Every one of them were independently selected by our editors. Just which means you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links with this page if you opt to shop from their website. Oh, and FYI prices are accurate and items in stock by time of publication.

Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this article are listed in womens.

1. A favorite couple of high-waisted pencil pantsfeaturing spacious pockets, a chic tie waist, and ties at the ankles to essentially ~tie~ together all of your ‘fits in 57 (!!!) different colors.

Image of reviewer wearing navy pants

Image of reviewer wearing blue-gray pants

Promising review: “They are the very best PANTS I’ve ever bought online or waiting for you! So good I’m writing my first ever Amazon review. The distance is a handful of inches above the ankle and the ties at the waist and ankles are so cute. They’re like yoga dress pants. I could see why you can find so many 5-star reviews. I took a gamble and thought what on earth and ordered them in black. I am ordering in other colors aswell. These pants far exceeded my expectations.” Cara Filler

Have them from Amazon for $32.99+ (obtainable in sizes SXXL).

2. A brilliant stretchy couple of Quince ponte straight leg pantsthat look chic and professional but feel just like yoga pants. You’re welcome beforehand.

Three images of models wearing navy, black, and gray pants


Promising review: “I really like these pants. Very comfortable. The fit is really as described. The space is perfect. They don’t really appear to be elastic waist pants. Why is me love these pants may be the fabric perfect weight and drape. I’d definitely buy again.” Judith L.

Obtain it from Quince for $39.90 (obtainable in sizes XSXL and three colors).

3. A set of four-way stretch skinny pantstouting a pull-on high-rise waist that could look fab with some minimalist jewelry and something of the stylish tops!

Two images of reviewer wearing navy pants

Promising review: “That is among the best pairs of pants on Amazon. The material is thick enough and incredibly stretchy. It feels as though real leggings nonetheless it does appear to be a formal little bit of clothing. Reasonably priced. These could be worn for various occasions: business casual, exercises, traveling, etc, because they’re really comfy. The pockets are even big enough to place the hands inside.” R

Have them from Amazon for $38.99 (obtainable in regular and long sizes 216 and five colors).

4. Some stretchyhigh-rise Torrid ponte pantsto conveniently pull on and leave the entranceway in. The very best part? Reviewers say these won’t lose their shape during the day just pure comfort (and style) from the.m. to p.m.

Two images of model wearing black pants


Promising review: “These pants are so comfortable. They feel just like leggings, but unlike other ponte pants I’ve purchased from other retailers, they don’t really Appear to be leggings. Also, I’m 4’11” and the excess short length allows me to put them on ‘off the rack’ (meaning they didn’t need additional tailoring). I’m back on the webpage to get more pairs. I really like them up to now.” mcarmon

Have them from Torrid for $38.67 (originally $59.50; obtainable in sizes M6X and five inseams).

5. A summer-ready couple of Pact relaxed pantsmade out of a lightweight cotton/hemp blend fabric to let your ankles breathe during the day.

Three images of models wearing capri pants


Promising review: “Theyre super lightweight and so are comfortable enough to wear while working from home, but nonetheless look crisp enough that Id put them on in to the office or perhaps a business casual setting.” Dee

Have them from Pact for $51 (originally $85; obtainable in sizes XSXXL and six colors).

6. A trendy wide-leg pantmade with a pull-on elastic waist harnessing the energy to create it appear to be you stepped quickly the runway. Plus, these pair SO well with a huge amount of shoes. Wedge sandals? Yep. Ankle booties? Yes! Some chic heels? Definitely.

Image of reviewer wearing beige pants

Image of reviewer wearing black pants

Promising review: “The fabric is substantial and doesn’t feel flimsy. There is a nice level of stretch to the fabric in order that it is rather comfortable. They wash up well (easy wash/wear, no ironing). Super purchase. I’ll get a large amount of wear out of the by dressing them up for work and down for weekend.” JC

Have them from Amazon for $49.99 (obtainable in sizes XS4XL and five colors).

Psst, love this style but prefer something a lil’ more casual? These wide-leg jeans can do the secret!

7. A bestselling couple of high-waisted palazzo pantsso cozy it’ll feel just like you’re cheating in the office style game (but you are not). We’re not settling for uncomfortable workwear anymore, folks.

Image of reviewer wearing plaid pants

Image of reviewer wearing black pants

Promising review: “Honestly, a 5/5 review for these pants. I purchased them seeking to supplement my flowy pants wardrobe. Lets focus on how they feel: quality. How they look: professional, fantastic. Could be decked out or down, a button-up looks good tucked in, too. How they can fit: just as ordered. The rule of everything flowy: To create them look more professional, iron them. The 5 minutes doing so is completely worthwhile. I wore these to many events and several of my friends asked where I acquired them. They ordered some and were happy aswell. Stop doing your research and purchase these. Totally worthwhile.” Lina S.

Have them from Amazon for $20.99+ (obtainable in sizes XS2X, some short options, and 31 colors).

And here’s where one can grab a lot more stylish palazzo pants!

8. A lavish couple of Alex Crane linen pantscut and sewn in India from 100% sustainably grown French linen. They’re also washed with biodegradable enzymes for a brilliant soft feel, dyed with organic pigments, and the buttons are created with a Brazilian nut called corozo.

Two images of a model wearing linen pants

Alex Crane

Promising review: “Great pants. I really like the direction they look and so are ideal for hot days at the job. More colors please.” Jenna E.

Have them from Alex Crane for $145 (obtainable in sizes 2636 and six colors).

9. A set of mid-rise bootcut pantsover 8,000 people think are worth earning 5/5 stars. These can simply be decked out with some classy heels or down (but nonetheless professional) with a set of flats!

Three images of models wearing black, gray, and white pants


Promising review: “Ever wish you can wear sweats towork? They are in the same way comfortable and appearance darn good! They’re definitely of high enough quality for business attire. Throw on a jacket and I’m great forwork. Seriously, they are an ideal length and shape. The boot cut isn’t too wide at all. EASILY was rich I’d buy every color!” InAmazonWeTrust

Have them from Amazon for $42 (obtainable in sizes 018 with some short and tall options and 47 colors).

10. A Lane Bryant slim ankle pant perfect for anyone who hates ironing a lot more than the majority of things in life. These tapered trousers are created with wrinkle-resistant fabric and a covered elastic pull-on waistband for all-day comfort.

Two images of models wearing black and navy pants

Lane Bryant

Promising review: “OBSESSED! These pants are perfect. The more I put them on the more I really like them! Everything about them is ideal. The material has great stretch that holds its shape all day long which material will not collect lint and pet hair…even yet in black! I usually get compliments on these pants.” Lilkitty

Have them from Lane Bryant for $55.96+ (obtainable in regular and petite sizes 1228 and three colors).

11. A set of Everlane “Dream Pants”boasting rave reviews from individuals who swear by these as *theversatile slacks every professional needs.

Two images of models wearing black and brown pants


Promising review: “I dont mean to be dramatic but they are the only real pants I would like to wear for the others of my entire life. They’re PERFECT incredibly comfortable, top quality, and an excellent fit. I’m petite and pants that arent designed to be form-fitting typically become much too long or wide, but they are a rare exception. They’re loose however, not baggy, and hit right above my ankle. The fabric appears like a normal trouser material (chino or perhaps a light weave wool) but feels as though sweatpants. Leading seam adds a little more polish to the silhouette, and the rise is merely right. I’d like these atlanta divorce attorneys color, and can definitely repurchase.” KaitlynK

Have them from Everlane for $88 (obtainable in sizes XXSXXXXL and six colors).

12. A super-shiny black Commando flare leggingperfect for the fashionista who would like to show off a few of their OOO style while still sticking with the black pants dress code.

Image of model wearing black patent leather pants


(Guess what happens would look excellent with one of these? Everything, but especially a super cozy sherpa jacket.)

Promising review: “They are a must! They’re beyond more comfortable with an excellent stretch! They’re also stylish! I cannot wait to put them on out!!! I recommend these!” Jacque123

Have them from Commando for $158(obtainable in sizes XSXL).

13. Or perhaps acropped version of Commando’s flare leggings so that you can showcase those new black heels you purchased with unobstructed views.

Model wearing coca cropped flare leggings

Model wearing black cropped flare leggings


(Plus, what goes better with a set of flare leggings when compared to a super cozy oversized sweater? Nothing. The solution is nothing.)

Promising review: “IT REALLY IS PERFECTION! I REALLY LIKE THESE PANTS AND WISH THESE WERE OBTAINABLE IN MORE COLORS! It is a new style for me personally, I already own four others. Many thanks for this type of great product.” Anonymous

Obtain it from Commando for $128 (obtainable in sizes XSXL and two colors), Revolve for $128 (obtainable in sizes SL in black), and Neiman Marcus for $128 (obtainable in sizes XSXL and two colors).

15. A chic couple of Lee straight leg pantsreviewers claim to be a few of the best-fitting trousers they’ve ever worn and you also won’t even have to iron them!

Three images of models wearing gray, beige, and navy pants


Promising review: “They are very comfortable, almost convenient than jeans! In addition they wash well and do not wrinkle even though I fold them up and put them in my own dresser right out from the dryer. I liked them so much I purchased two more pairs in various colors.” Elizabeth J.

Have them from Amazon for $29.22+ (obtainable in sizes 220 with short and long options and 12 colors).

16. A couple of Lee “Flex Motion” straight leg pantsto work with you in effortlessly achieving a polished look without having to accept stiff fabric (’cause your legs deserve much better than that).

Image of reviewer wearing red pants

Image of reviewer wearing black pants

Promising review: “These pants are a remedy to my prayers. I needed a set of pants that looked professional but could possibly be flexible easily had to obtain on to the floor or move quickly. I also needed a set of pants that had belt loops to carry an integral clip necessary for work. These pants are just what I’ve been searching for and I’ll order them in other colors aswell.” Lovely Lady

Have them from Amazon for $27+ (obtainable in sizes 018 with short and long lengths and 11 colors).

17. Or perhaps a classic couple ofLee “Flex Motion” regular fit trousersthat appear to be you mean ~business~ to assist you manifest that promotion you’ve been longing for.

Image of reviewer wearing gray pants

Image of reviewer wearing beige pants

Promising review: “I have already been searching for a good couple of regular fit tan dress pants with real pockets for ten years! These are a vintage traditional pair! They can fit well, stretch/flex, and so are comfortable. They’re well-crafted and not look out of fabric. Done well, Lee brand! Is a new weekly go-to for work!” Jill Weikart

Have them from Amazon for $28.73+ (obtainable in sizes 018 with long and short options, plus 15 colors).

18. An ber-popular black high-waisted Rockstar skinny jean from Old Navy that a large number of reviewers swear will be the best items that have ever graced their legs.

Two images of model wearing black pants

Old Navy

Promising review: “The jeans need to be probably the most comfortable, form-fitting jeans I’ve had in an exceedingly very long time (like, because the ’90s). The high waist covers my tummy and the others stays where it belongs. Forget about pulling up those hideous mid-rise jeans! I’ll get more of the for several!” BetsyK

Have them from Old Navy for $40 (obtainable in regular sizes 0030 with short, regular, and long inseams, tall sizes 418, and petite sizes 018).

19. A trend-savvy Everlane barrel pantobtainable in neutral and bright hues so that you can put in a *popof color to your workwear rotation once you desire to brighten things up. Plus, they’re made out of organic cotton!

Two images of models wearing blue and yellow pants


Promising review: “I really like, love, love these pants! Perfect weight for summer and also the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA chill mornings. Also love that the buttons at the waist enable adjustability of wear to get a higher waisted dressier look and a minimal slung casual look. Ideal for days when you wish to be placed together and comfortable. Its the versatility for me personally 😉 and also the pocket detail. Thanks, Everlane, for another winner!” ashenamber

Have them from Everlane for $88 (obtainable in sizes 0016 and seven colors).

20. A splurge-worthy couple of high-rise Favorite Daughter pants accented with tasteful pleats and front seams if you are yearning for a looser fit toward your ankles.

Two images of models wearing the beige and black pants


Note: Some reviewers suggest ordering a size up.

Promising review: “I really like these pants. The rise is perfectly high, the space is perfectly long, the drape is lovely, and Personally i think great each time I put them on. They are among my favorites in my own closet!” M. AO

Have them from Nordstrom for $218 (obtainable in sizes 018 and two colors) or from Favorite Daughter for $218 (obtainable in sizes 018 and four colors).

21. And a set ofpull-on ankle pantsto don from your own morning meeting to afternoon yoga sesh then back again to work again without ever having to stop for an outfit change.

Image of reviewer wearing white pants

Image of reviewer wearing black pants

Promising review: “I dont ever really write reviews but I had to with one of these. Guuuuuys, they are amazing! I simply ordered two more pairs. They’re comfy but considered befitting work. What could possibly be better? 100% recommend.” Allie

Have them from Amazon for $24.99+ (obtainable in sizes 022 and 10 colors).

You, arriving to work rockin’ your completely new slacks:

United Plankton Pictures / Nickelodeon Animation Studio / Via

The reviews because of this post have already been edited for length and/or clarity.

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