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23 Cream Pies You will want to Shove Into YOUR PERSONAL Face

All pie recipes are greatwe do not play favorites. But theres something about cream pie recipes that produce them ultra-satisfying to consume all year round. No shade to pecan or apple pie. And a normal pumpkin pie can hang when fall rolls around. Cream pies, however, feel right regardless of what month it really is. In summer, their lush fillings taste light and cooling; come winter, theyre creamy and rich.

Cream pies are similar but slightly distinct from custard pies. The difference boils down to how theyre filled: Custard pie fillings are baked, while cream pie fillings aren’t. But weren’t here to be fastidious, so there are some custard pies below that could suit you perfectly every time a cream pie is necesary.

Several recipes require a pre-baked pie shell, so make sure to read our guide to blind baking before starting out. Others go the no-bake route (hello, ice cream pie) or work with a cookie or graham cracker crust. A great time of heat from the oven solidifies crumb-based pie crusts (the sugar melts, then cools, helping hold everything together), so dont skip it when directed.

Whichever cream pie adventure you select, it’s likely that youll need an electric mixer, some heavy cream, and handful of patience as you watch those pillowy peaks form. Prepared to get sky high? Continue reading.

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