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25 Products That’ll Help Upgrade YOUR DAILY LIFE AT UNDER $25

BuzzFeed Shopping writer Jasmin Sandal swears by these things! She writes, “I have been meaning to provide this a whirl since its to push out a couple of years ago, and, boy, I have no idea why I waited such a long time to snag it because these things has changed the overall game. Not long ago i moved from NY to California and, without a doubt, with this particular change in climate, my skin went through every phase imaginable: Painfully flaky with patches of dryness, breakouts beyond belief, and shine, ooh, so much shine you’d think there have been an oil spill. (And I’m letting you know all this because regardless of what I placed on my face, makeup never sits onto it quite like I’d like it to.)

Enter Wowder the pillowy-soft powder which has done the unthinkable: blurred my imperfections and sets my concealer without leaving a chalky residue. Now anytime I catch my reflection in the mirror I literally need to double take. My skin appears smoother and any fine lines look so more supple. Just a little goes quite a distance and now I could leave the house with a bit more confidence and return with a look that hasn’t wavered.”

Promising review: “I’ve pretty oily skin and I usually look shiny by the finish of your day. This setting powder left me with a matte finish that lasted all day long. :)” Sammy

Obtain it from Glossier for $22 (obtainable in five shades).

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