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3 deputies shot serving papers at NEW YORK home

GOLDSBORO, N.C. (AP) Three NEW YORK sheriffs deputies were shot and wounded while attempting to serve involuntary commitment papers on somebody who then barricaded in the home, authorities said.

The Wayne County deputies had opted to serve the papers at the house south of Goldsboro on Monday morning when someone inside opened fire, wounding all three, county officials said in a tweet. One had been treated at a hospital in Goldsboro, while two were airlifted to a hospital in Greenville. Their conditions weren’t immediately released.

A suspect remained barricaded in the home in a rural area Monday afternoon.

Numerous officers from other police agencies found the scene to aid.

The deputies had no reason to trust the suspect was dangerous if they initially found serve the papers, county spokesperson Joel Gillie told reporters.

Authorities didn’t immediately release the identities of these involved or say what sort of firearm was used to shoot the deputies.

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