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3 killed in Colorado off-roading tour after car falls over 100 feet off a cliff

Three individuals were killed during an off-roading tour when their car drifted off the edge of the street and fell over 100 feet off a cliff on Monday, in accordance with Colorado State Patrol.

Diana Robles, 28, Ofelia Figueroa-Perez, 60, and their 72-year-old tour driver, Don Fehd, were traveling north on County Road 361 from the Yankee Boy Basin area in southwestern Colorado when their Jeep Gladiator drifted off the proper edge of the street.

The automobile then fell approximately 110 feet to underneath before rolling down a rocky embankment for approximately 142 feet, Colorado State Patrol Spokesperson Gary Cutler told NBC News. The incident occurred at some time between 11: 00a.m. and 12: 00p.m. on Monday, Cutler said.

Robles, Figueroa-Perez and Fehd all died at the scene.

“The crash continues to be under investigationat this time around,” said Cutler. “At this time there isnt anybody thing which has shown a causefor going off the roadway.”

Robles and Figueroa-Perez, both from Yuma, Arizona, were taking the Colorado mountain tour on Monday morning throughout a visit to hawaii, in accordance with police. A *spotfund fundraising campaign started by way of a family friend of Robles to improve money for funeral expenses identified Figueroa-Perez as her aunt.

Fehd, from Ouray, Colorado, was a worker at Colorado West Jeeps, in accordance with officials. A worker for the business confirmed there is a major accident on a trail earlier this week that killed a driver and two passengers, but wouldn’t normally give further comment.

Factors behind death haven’t yet been determined for Robles, Figueroa-Perez and Fehd, Ouray County Coroner Colleen Hollenbeck told NBC News.

Mirna Alsharif is really a breaking news reporter for NBC News.

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