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3 new shows many people are watching on Disney Plus at this time

As popular as Disney Plus is, the streaming service doesnt release nearly just as much original content as its rivals. Netflix will regularly drop 15 or 20 new shows and movies weekly, while Disney Plus often releases only a handful. But what Disney Plus lacks in quantity, it creates up for in quality. There are several great shows arriving on the service every month outside the Marvel and Star Wars franchises, and you want to highlight a couple of today.

Best new Disney Plus shows this week

Ok, we have been actually you start with a Marvel show, but I promise all of those other shows arent section of the MCU. Disney Plus includes a row of trending shows on its website, and scattered through the list this week are all five I’M Groot shorts.

In the event that you hadnt heard, Marvel Studios released five original shorts starring everyones favorite Guardian of the Galaxy on August 10. Theyre about five minutes a bit, and unlike almost every other Marvel shows, they arent fundamental to the MCU.

Actually, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn once suggested that I’M Groot had not been canon. Producer Brad Winderbaum later clarified these shorts happen between your end of Guardians 2 and prior to the tag scene in Guardians 2. He previously made exactly the same confirmation regarding IMAGINE IF? when fans asked exactly the same question.

Bluey and SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Musical are back

Up next may be the critically-acclaimed and universally-beloved childrens show Bluey. The 3rd season hit Disney Plus on August 10 aswell, and parents and kids alike have already been consuming it up. If you’re a parent or know a parent of small children, you likely know about Bluey. Its about an anthropomorphic puppy growing up with her family. If youve never seen the show, the episodes only run between 8-10 minutes, so give it a go.

Finally, the 3rd season of SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Musical: The Musical: The Series (yes, thats the name) is apparently attracting a lot of eyeballs. This live-action spinoff group of the beloved SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Musical movie series is among the hottest original shows beyond Marvel and Star Wars on Disney Plus. Its the type of show that don’t assume all streamer would make. Disney has recently renewed it for a fourth season, so feel absolve to get invested.

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