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3 Ways to improve Decimal Places in Microsoft Excel

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Once you use decimals in Microsoft Excel, you might have a specific amount of places you need to use. You could have Excel always utilize the same amount of decimal places or set it for numbers as you go.

Once you apply the number format to a cell, youll see two decimal places put into your number automagically. That is convenient in lots of situations, however, not all. You might not want your decimals rounded up. Below are a few methods to change it out.

1. Utilize the Decimal Buttons

In the event that you only desire to change particular cells, the quickest way is utilizing the decimal buttons in the ribbon. Check out the house tab and pick the Increase Decimal or Decrease Decimal button in the quantity section.

Decimal place buttons on the Home tab

Automagically, youll increase or decrease by one place with each click. So that you can continue steadily to press the button as much times as essential to reach your desired decimal point.

Different decimal numbers

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2. Format the Cells

Another solution to change the decimal places is utilizing the Format Cells option. Right-click a cell or selection of cells and pick Format Cells.

Format Cells in the shortcut menu

On the quantity tab sufficient reason for Number selected on the left, enter the amount of decimal places or utilize the arrows to go up or down in small increments on the proper. Click OK to use the change.

Number options in the Format Cells window

3. Set Default Decimal Places

Perhaps you desire to apply exactly the same decimal places to every number in Excel. It is possible to set the default in the applications options.

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On Windows, select File > Options. Choose Advanced on the left. Then check the box for Automatically Insert a Decimal Point and enter or utilize the arrows to create the amount of decimal places.

Automatically set decimal places on Windows

On Mac, select Excel > Preferences from the menu bar. Choose Edit in the box that appears.

Edit in Excel Preferences on Mac

Check the box for Automatically Insert a Decimal Point (Places) and enter or utilize the arrows to create the quantity to the proper. After that you can close the box as well as your changes will undoubtedly be saved automatically.

Automatically set decimal places on Mac

While this default option could be convenient, there are always a couple of what to bear in mind with respect to the amount of decimal places you set. Remember, youll start to see the amount of decimal places for each and every number you enter.

Whole numbers: These display without decimal points. For example, in the event that you set two decimal places, enter 999, and be prepared to see 999.00, this isnt the case. Even though you type 999.00, the effect will undoubtedly be 999. To treat this, you may use among the options above to improve the decimal places for whole numbers.

Entering numbers: To enter a decimal number, simply type all numbers. For instance, in the event that you set two decimal places and desire to display 29.95, youd enter 2995.

Adjusting decimal places in Excel is simple with one of these different methods. For related articles, look at how exactly to make Excel show leading zeroes or how exactly to change the currency symbol.

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