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31 of Our Best Eggplant Recipes

We can not say enough good stuff about these eggplant recipes. Before we reach that, though: Did you know eggplant is really a berry? Yes, its a fruit that grows on a brief bush with big leaves. The berries hide beneath those leaves, hence the word nightshade. The more you understand.

Now, back again to why we love this fruit (!) and these recipes. Eggplants peak season runs from late summer to early fall, and you can find numerous common varieties like big globe eggplants, long and skinny Japanese eggplants, and story book eggplants, that have beautiful striped skin. Every one of them have a reasonably mild flavor and become sponges, bathing in whatever theyre cooked with, whether thats spices like cumin, sauces like marinara, or just essential olive oil. Here we rounded up our absolute best eggplant dishes, including baba ganoush, eggplant parm, ratatouille, and much more.

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