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31 Punchy Carrot Recipes We Crave

Among our all-time favorite veggies, carrots may take us in so many directionsand these carrot recipes show it. It is possible to roast carrots until their edges get caramelized, coaxing out the main vegetables natural sweetness. (To take the dish to another level, toss them in maple syrup.) It is possible to pickle fresh carrots for a crunchy companion to char-grilled meats. It is possible to pure them and create a classic vegetarian comfort food: carrot-ginger soup. And, needless to say, it is possible to shred them and fold them right into a batter for the ultimate carrot cake.

There are several rules, though. We recommend avoiding two forms of carrots: first, those uniform little cylinders in a bag labeled “baby carrots.” They’re just cut this way from larger carrots. True baby carrots, prized because of their sweetness, are harvested before reaching maturity and, as you might have seen, have pointed tips and green tops exactly like fully grown carrots. Another kind of carrot in order to avoid is at the contrary end of the size spectrum: While certainly edible, those watery, flavorless giants are horse carrotsand, yes, they’re designed for horses.

Now, before we enter our 31 best carrot recipes, here is a bonus one for carrot fries. (We realize you need it.) Peel and quarter your carrots lengthwise (and perhaps some parsnips, too, in the event that’s your jam), then toss them in essential olive oil, cumin, salt, and pepper. Roast them on a sheet pan at 425 for approximately 20 minutes, until their edges are crispy. Serve with the sauce of one’s choosing. That’s it.


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