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32 Products You Wont Believe Actually Exist

However they do. And you also need them.

Hopefully you love the merchandise we recommend! Every one of them were independently selected by our editors. Just and that means you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links with this page if you opt to shop from their website. Oh, and FYI prices are accurate and items in stock by time of publication.

1. A plush lobster heating pad with a removable lavender insert you merely microwave for warm cuddles and treatment.

reviewer image of the menstruation crustacean on a bed

What CAN YOU Meme? is really a small company making fun, and funny cards, plush friends, and pool floats!

Promising review: My cycle could be very rough and also the ungodly cramping. Ive tried heating packs previously, but I hate the trouble of plugging it in, also it always appears to be too hot for my liking. I ran across this cuddly menstruation crustacean and I needed it. Lo and behold, I started my cycle exactly the same day he arrived. I couldnt wait to bust him out and he didn’t disappoint. It is possible to heat up the inner bag to your liking also it has the aroma of fresh lavender. He also holds heat for an extended while. Samantha Pierce

Obtain it from What CAN YOU Meme? on Amazon for $24.99.

2. A sweet lil’ sloth back massagerwhen you will need a hug that’ll also combat sore muscles, it is possible to call this cute creature!

a model wearing the sloth massager on their back


3. A TikTok-famoushair bedazzlerbecause Coachella called plus they want one to rock this glammed-up look throughout the year.

image of reviewer with gems in their curly hair

Promising review: These hair gems are my new favorite thing. The gems are an easy task to remove but simultaneously stick to incredibly well. I had them on my hair the complete weekend and I dont think just a single one fell off! So fun and received compliments everywhere I went. Lauren Dubin

Obtain it from Amazon for$9.60.

4. A littlereusable ball with a sticky insert that’ll keep dirt and crumbs from littering underneath of one’s purse. Once the ball gets too full, just remove and rinse the insert and you’re all set!

the pink ball in a purse


Promising review: “It has to be probably the most amazing things I’ve ever purchased! I can’tbelievehow easily it grabs all of the debris that finds its solution to the bottom of one’s bag.” QueenofGnomes

Obtain it from Amazon for$12.99 (obtainable in two colors).

5. A carton of popcorn seasoning salt which means that your at-home movie night snack rivals that of one’s local cinema.

reviewer image of a carton of popcorn salt next to a jug of kernels

BuzzFeed writerEmma Lordonly has good stuff to say concerning this:

Us recently unearthed this because belovedTO ALL OR ANY The Boys I’ve Loved Beforeauthor Jenny Han mentioned that it had been her secret to delicious popcorn, also it could have just wrecked me for other at-home popcorn for the others of my entire life. It genuinely tastes in the same way salty and buttery and savory as fresh cinema popcorn.I inhaled it so fast that each single among my organs lit up in mild alarm.”

Promising review: This is exactly what you need. You came here for cinema salt. This is actually the real deal. Obtain it. Your life will undoubtedly be better. Clete R. Blackwell

Obtain it from Amazon for$9.89.

6. A couple of six reusablebottle of wine condomsto help keep your vino from turning out to be a gnarly vinegar. Its shrink-fit technology means it’ll create an air- and watertight seal.

image of reviewer's hand holding up sealed wine condom

image of a wine condom sealing an open bottle of wine

Wine Condom is really a small biz whose fun twist on sealing wine will probably be worth the conversations they’ll start during dinner parties.

Promising review: So excellent I had to get two! Not merely are these wine condoms something special that folks will discuss, but they’re a responsible solution to keep your wine sealed between drinks. First of all, they’re reusable. Personally, I favor using these to traditional corks when storing white wine because I could keep my bottles sideways in the fridge without concern with any spillage. Samantha

Obtain it from Wine Condom on Amazon for$14.97.

7. A nontoxic nail polish pen for dogsbecause your dog deserves to serve lewks too.

A Frenchie with a fabulous pink pedi

A dog paw and a human hand both rocking red nail polish

Promising review: “Got this on a whim because my girlfriend wished to paint the dog’s nails. The polish continued easily and stayed on. We were cutting the grass and your dog went and played in the fresh-cut grass, playing around, and it’s really still on! Just a little scuffed but nonetheless virtually solidly on. Up to now two days have gone by and it’s really still on. We will have more colors.” Diaztortillas

Obtain it from Amazon for $8.99 (obtainable in 13 colors).

8. A darling cushion backpack because your baby has started stumbling about and you also don’t want to be worried about them falling and hurting themself. It offers adjustable straps in order that it fits your child perfectly.

reviewer image of toddler wearing pink butterfly cushion backpack

reviewer image of toddler wearing the elephant cushion backpack

Promising review: I love this a whole lot because my daughter always tries to operate and eventually ends up falling backwards. It’s soft, she isn’t bothered because of it, and it’s really adorable. I showed my children plus they thought it had been so cute. I’ll have more so she’s different ‘costumes.’ Jesus Flores

Obtain it from Amazon for$15.99+ (obtainable in eight styles).

9. A pack of Affresh dishwasher cleaner tablets and that means you don’t risk limescale and mineral buildup inside your dishwasher’s performance. Because in case a dishwasher can’t properly wash dishes…it’s essentially only a wet cabinet.

before image of a dishwasher covered in hard water and limescale

the same dishwasher now clean

Promising reviews: “I hadtriedlots of white vinegar for just two cycles in my own 20 year-old dishwasher for the cloudy and powdery dinginess it had started making also it only helped about 30%. We’ve very difficult water. These tablets zapped the buildup and my glass is clear again and colored plastics no more have the powder-like coating. So glad I took the opportunity with this!”J. Holden

I started getting white streaks around my dishes; that never happened before. I thought it had been my detergent and changed it, but no difference. Clean dishes with this particular weird white film in it. I’d wash them yourself, then put them back the dishwasher, and white film again! I QUICKLY did an search on the internet to determine that which was going on (a dishwasher can be an incredibly simple little bit of machinery) and found this! Got it. Used it. My dishes are clean again! Carey Holzman

Get six tablets from Amazon for $8.99.

10. A wireless transmitter you can now use your wireless headphones anywhere there is a headphone jack. Easily watch movies as long as you’re on the plane!

an AirFly connected to the headphone jack on an airplane and a model holding a pair of AirPods


Promising review: I fly a whole lot and bought this because of my dislike of corded headphones, as either the cable line breaks during flight and/or it gets tangled up. I simply recently flew and used this for the in-flight entertainment, and didn’t have one issue. I also use these in the fitness center while linked to my iPhone for music. And I intend to utilize them on my PC at the job for meetings. Marky

Obtain it from Amazon for$44.99+ (obtainable in three styles).

11. A one-stepElizavecca carbonated clay mask to exfoliate your pores and excite your skin for a wholesome glow. Watching as that person gets covered in foam!

collage of reviewer using bubble clay mask

Have a look at our fullElizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask review.

Promising review: “I made a decision to try out this mask in line with the high customer rating and affordable price merely to see if it could surpass the hype. I simply finished washing it off my face and I must say I really do visit a difference, albeit not just a dramatic one. I’ve enlarged pores in my own T-zone and problems with blackheads around my chin and after one use, my pores appear smaller and tighter & most of the tiniest blackheads and bumps have died from around my chin. I’m impressed but I believe with regular utilize it might make a straight bigger difference perhaps a handful of times weekly. Oh yeah, it is also really fun to view and have the bubbles foaming through to that person!” Elisabeth

Obtain it from Amazon for $6.99.

12. A bottle of Wet & Forget shower cleaner because no-one really wants to scrub their bathtub clean. With this particular, you’ll just spray it on, wait 812 hours, then rinse it off. A breeze!

reviewer image of dirty and stained shower floor

after image of the same shower completely clean

Promising review: I’ve well water. Something in my own well water reacts with copper plumbing and turns my shower tiles blue. Since my bathroom color scheme isn’t on the blue spectrum, that is problematic. The well water also causes the shower glass to film up quickly.I’ve tried tons of cleaners and scrubbed till my arms ached looking to get prior to the blue and scumminess. My ambition in life isn’t to become a regular bathroom scrubber!I saw these things on a specialist house cleaner’sTikTok(sorry, don’t remember which) and thought ‘what the heck, may as well test it out for.’Oh my goodness, the initial day after my shower I sprayed these things around and walked away. Another morning there is a NOTICEABLE decrease in the blue and the glass looked clearer too. Day two, sprayed again and walked away. Another morning the blue was gone aside from several spots on to the floor tile and the glass looked amazing. Day three I sprayed the rest of the spots and another morning the shower practically looked new.NO SCRUBBING AT ALL!!!! That is my new favorite shower cleaner.THE ONLY REAL con I’ve is that it creates me sneeze while I’m spraying in the shower, but I could live with that. L. J. Petillo

Obtain it from Amazon for $19.74.

13. An adorable Happy Meal AirPods casethat’ll keep your AirPods safe and protected when you try to order a Happy Meal on your own even though you are not at all a youngster anymore. You deserve apple slices, too!

image of open mcdonald's airpod case in a reviewer's hand

the same case now closed

Promising review: Looks great! In the same way described and is sturdy 🙂 Emily M

Obtain it from Amazon for$9.29.

14. An authentic shrimp-shaped neck pillowso cozy you will not be ashamed to go on it on flights, trips to the cinema, or somewhere else your neck could require a little seafaring support.

reviewer image of a small white dog with the shrimp neck pillow around their neck

Promising review: This pillow changed my entire life. Birthday for someone you’re deeply in love with? Wanna show your teacher you appreciate them? Does your hairdresser offer you solid searches for solid prices and you also require a Christmas gift for them? Does your neck need support if you are playing scary video gaming at night at 2 a.m. once you ought to be studying for finals? This shrimp neck pillow was the solution to all or any those questions. It’s so comfortable. It’s so fashionable. It’s so iconic. Nobody will ever disrespect you with this particular on your own neck. When you have doubts, take my word for this. This pillow is where it’s at. McHOOT

Obtain it from Amazon for$15.99.

15. A pancake batter dispenser to help with making breakfast time move a quicker and less messy affair. Forget about splattering! It even has a wire ball it is possible to drop inside so that you can mix your batter without needing to remove and clean any appliances.

reviewer image of the dispenser next to an oven where three pancakes cook on the stove

Promising review: If youre thinking about buying this item, TAKE ACTION! I originally purchased it because I was sick and tired of scooping my batter with a measuring cup, dripping on the way, merely to have oblong-shaped pancakes. This thing makes an ideal round cakes without mess! I was skeptical about any of it holding just as much batter once we usually use; enough for four people. Nonetheless it was perfect whenever we doubled the initial recipe! It includes a built-in stand once you add your ingredients through underneath and cleanup is really a breeze. Michelle W.

Obtain it from Amazon for $16.99.

16. A pack of K-Cup cleaners in the event that you haven’t cleaned your machine in awhile as well as your coffee was not tasting that can compare with coffee lately. Pop one of these brilliant nontoxic cups into your Keurig to provide it the deep clean it has been needing.

reviewer image of a cup of dirty water under a keurig machine

Promising reviews: “I’ve used the liquid de-scaler before with poor results. Itriedthese cups and just what a difference. I possibly could not believe the gunk that arrived of my coffeemaker! Recommend!”Ln

I purchased this product as the needle in my own Keurig 2.0 keeps clogging, causing inconsistent brew and taste. These cleaning cups fixed both of my issues and especially liked that it had been really fast and simple to utilize. I put the cleaning pod in and ran one cycle, then took the pod out and ran a rinse cycle to completely clean out any leftover grinds. FAST, EASY, and GREAT resultsVERY HAPPY!! Corey West

Get yourself a six-pack from Amazon for $9.95.

17. A couple of funny Porta Potty shot glassesbecause vodka is actually spicy toilet water anyway. In the event that’s your go-to, maybe re-evaluate a few of your alternatives.

two blue porta potty shot glasses with tequila in them


Promising review: Very funny for shots. Loved it. People get yourself a kick out of these. Amazon Customer

Obtain it from Amazon for $14.99.

18. Trap Kitchen: Mac N’ ALL AROUND THE Worlds this original cookbook features mac ‘n’ cheese recipes inspired by cuisines from around the world (in addition to a foreword from Snoop Dogg).

cover of the cookbook

Kingston Imperial

Always Fits is really a Massachusetts-based small company whose pop culture-inspired books, games, cards, mugs, t-shirts and much more provides joy to your days.

Obtain it from Always Fits for$24.95, Amazon for$12.99+(designed for Kindle or hardcover), or from Bookshop for $23.20(to aid local bookstores).

19. A set of prism glasses that enable you to read or watch TV as long as you’re completely horizontal. Forget about neck strain!

image of reviewer's hand holding the prism glasses

Promising review: I’m typing this review reclined just like a glorious Greek god and wearing these ridiculous spectacles. Do I want them for just about any legitimate reason? No. But with one of these, I’m one big step nearer to achieving laziness Nirvana. Kathryn Crawford

Obtain it from Amazon for $14.88.

20. A Star Wars light saber chopsticks set so you’ll feel just like a Jedi master throughout your next sushi meal. It is simple to turn the lights on or off with the push of a button.

four sets of colored lightsaber chopsticks

reviewer image of lightsaber chopsticks turned on near a plate of sushi

The chopsticks include new batteries, if the batteries venture out, it is possible to replace them with 3 x LR41 camera batteries.

Promising review: “Both my grandkids learn how to eat with chopsticks plus they loved the larger size. All sorts of games could possibly be played after eating and also the adults were right into a laser fight.” Lynell

Get yourself a group of four from Amazon for $19.97.

21. A pack of two flexible dryer vent cleaners because there’s likely a lot of trapped lint causing your clothes to still turn out kinda damp. Utilize this to obtain all that fuzz out, that will also help prevent dryer fires!

before reviewer image of a vent cleaner

after image of the same vent cleaner covered in lint

Promising review: “I clean my dryer vent after each single use. I was shocked to see so much lint and dust turn out! It had been very simple to utilize and it does work! I kept one for myself and gave another to my daughter.”Shari Schmidt

Obtain it from Amazon for $8.95.

22. A nonstick double pan to create flipping your pancakes, omelets, and frittatas a less messy ordeal.

reviewer image of a cooking pancake inside the double pan which is sitting on a stove

Promising review: I purchased this pan primarily for cooking eggs, and I have to say that it delivered with positive results. I really like fried eggs, but have always had trouble turning them without breaking the yolks. This pan eliminates that problem. S. Dawes

Obtain it from Amazon for $19.99.

23. A funny “YOU’D Meat Coffee” capif typos that induce entirely new meanings are your sort of humor.

the khaki colored cap

Good Shirts

Obtain it from Good Shirts for $30(obtainable in 11 colors/patterns).

24. A large body bubblebecause going bowling and being the bowling ball has been on your own bucket list forever. This splurge-worthy bumper ball has two handles and two band to help keep you safe as you bounce and roll around!

reviewer image of two teens inside their own bumper balls

Promising review: The bumper balls have already been so much fun for the family to burn energy inside our basement through the winter. We brought them out for my daughters party plus they were a big success! My children are 14, 12, and 9 and will all utilize the larger ones. We utilize them too! I take advantage of an electric air mattress pump and can own it filled in about seven minutes. They’re durable (just avoid sharp objects obviously) and the straps and handles are top quality. djackson513

Obtain it from Amazon for $139.99+ (obtainable in seven colors).

25. An authentic ice cream cone stool you’ll simply ~melt~ over this delectable little bit of interior decor.

the ice cream stool

Urban Outfitters

Promising review: Sturdier than expected therefore so cute! I get a great deal of compliments. bananajess

Obtain it from Urban Outfitters for $250 (obtainable in four styles).

26. A cat brush that’ll enable you to lick your kitty…that arrived wrong.

model with the cat brush in their mouth as they brush a cat


Promising review: Could it be preposterous to groom your pets in this manner? Yes. Could it be hilarious and a terrific way to get close and personal together with your furry family members? Also yes. Does my hubby take photos of me non-stop while I’m laughing my ass off wanting to utilize this thing? Quite definitely so. Who HASN’T considered grooming their dogs and cats making use of their tongue just like a momma kitty? Everyone. (Don’t deny it.) Dylan

Obtain it from Amazon for$25.

27. A four-pack of beer bottle-shaped bird feedersmade out of sunflower seeds and chopped corn therefore the cardinals and robins in town can have an area hangout spot.

the bird brew seed feeder on a wooden table

Uncommon Goods

Promising review: My buddy said the birds in his yard are actually spoiled to check out the party food each day. Bird lady

Obtain it from Uncommon Goods for $26.

28. Bacon bandagesto greatly help heal any small wounds and ~strip~ away the pain. They are sure to be fun conversation starters!

image of reviewer's hand holding a bacon bandage in front of the tin of bandages

Promising review: I really like these bandages A lot more than a grown-up should! Seriously, who doesn’t love bacon?? It had been a sad day when I used the final one on a blister on the trunk on my foot! Jessica and John Leverett

Get 25 bandages from Amazon for$6.79.

29. A whimsical tic-tac-toe toilet roll holder now you may never go out of TP right when it’s needed. Call a win-win.

the tic tac toe toilet roll holder mounted on a wall

Hand And Homes

Hand And Homes is really a small Etsy shop located in Colorado handcrafting home pieces out of Blue Pine.

Promising review: This looked just how I expected it to, and I was happy with it. Its an excellent size for a little apartment bathroom and looks good while also being practical. Melissa

Obtain it from Hand And Homes on Etsy for $59+(obtainable in six colors and two stains).

30. A portable cereal cup that separates your cereal from your own milk therefore the former doesn’t get soggy in the latter. Enjoy cereal just how it was designed to be enjoyed: crunchy.

reviewer image of the blue crunchcup filled with cereal and milk

CrunchCup is really a small biz that reimagines how exactly we eat cereal!

Promising review: That is just perfect!!!! In case you are like me and love a crunchy cereal before last scoop, that is ideal for you. Dont hesitate, buy this phenomenal cup. moniquejr

Obtain it from CrunchCup on Amazon for$29.95 (obtainable in fivecolors).

31. A great Doctor Who-inspired TARDIS door decalso everyone getting ready to open it knows that it is bigger inside.

the TARDIS decal on a door

Design Stickers / Etsy

Located in Ukraine, Design Stickers is really a small Etsy shop crafting cute, original, and fun wall decals and wallpapers.

Promising review: We placed the TARDIS decal on our basement door because its bigger inside (haha!). Top quality and we absolutely think it’s great! Sgt Z

Obtain it from Design Stickers on Etsy for $59.90.

32. A doggy sunscreen made out of moisturizing aloe vera to greatly help your pup remain safe while playing come early july. Just spray their coat with this particular quick-drying and safe-to-lick spray for rest from dry and cracked skin. This works great as itch relief and a snout soother!

the dog sunscreen spray next to a small dog


Warren London is really a small biz making dog grooming products that help with all sorts of skin problems.

Promising review: The product is indeed helpful. My poor pup includes a white-spotted nose also it gets sunburnt so easily, together with the within his ears. THEREFORE I just spray a small amount of this when he decides to sunbathe and he hasnt been burnt since! Danielle Fender

Obtain it from Warren London on Amazon for $13.99.

The reviews because of this post have already been edited for length and clarity.

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