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4 Fans Suing Commanders, More for $300K After Being Injured in Fall at FedEx Field

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The Washington Commanders are facing case stemming from the railing collapse at FedEx Field last season that caused fans to fall to the bottom.

John Keim of ESPN reported four people filed the suit Friday and so are seeking “excessively” of $75,000 each and $300,000 total due to “lack of income, medical expenses, pain and suffering.”

Keim noted the lawsuit said the plaintiffs suffered cervical strains, muscle strains, bone contusions, cuts, bruises, headaches and “other potential long-term effects, both physical and emotional” which are still requiring treatment.

The railing collapse spread on social media marketing at that time in large part because Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts was present at the scene following his team’s game against Washington.

He even helped a few of the fans who fell to the bottom back through to their feet:

SportsCenter @SportsCenter

This angle of Jalen Hurts and the Eagles fans falling following the railing collapsed at FedEx Field

( @Trei_Cham)

While Washington said stadium representatives provided treatment options, the plaintiffs said that has been “patently false.”

A team official said the railing had not been load-bearing within an area that’s designated for disabled people in wheelchairs, but Bob Sokolove, who’s a plaintiff’s attorney, said stadium employees told the fans they might enter the region following the game and didn’t warn concerning the railing.

“It’s beyond negligent to skimp on a safety measure in that high visibility, high trafficked area,” Sokolove said. “Be it an NCAA game or perhaps a pro basketball game or the NFL, everybody involves the tunnel where in fact the players are developing. The weight of everybody pushing forward to obtain a high-five or perhaps a wristband or whatever puts a lot more pressure on which otherwise were pathetic railings.”

The lawsuit also said nobody from the team or Contemporary Services Corporation, which gives security at FedEx Field, reached out to look for the severity of any injuries from the railing collapse.

It just happened in Week 17 of the growing season and following the Eagles completed a 20-16 victory.

Hurts threw for 214 yards and helped his team improve to 9-7 before he played a helpful role in the aftermath of the incident.

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