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40 Famous Leos Who Were Born for the Spotlight

If we had to guess one zodiac sign that’s prolific in Hollywood, it’d be Leo. Leo celebrities are common in show business for several reasons. For one, Leos—especially famous Leos—have a flair for theatrics (duh). People who are born under the fire sign are also said to be ambitious (makes sense). Another common Leo trait: They like to feel important. That’s the perfect recipe for someone who wants to make it in the entertainment industry. Just look at Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, and Demi Lovato for proof. 

But don’t be fooled. Actors and musicians aren’t the only celebrities that are Leos. There are also politicians and royalty (wink, Meghan Markle, wink). Their confidence, charisma, and charm make them natural stars. 

But when are Leos’ birthdays, you ask? These stars were all born between July 22 to August 22. Keep reading for more Leo celebrities. (And don’t forget to check your own monthly horoscope after.)

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