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46 Stylish Sunglasses for the SummerUnder $100

Beyond swimsuits, sandals, and summer dresses, theres one crucial accessory for the sunshine: an elegant couple of sunnies. Just like a tree topper or cherry, the very best sunglasses for women finish an outfit with flair while more practically providing sun protection on bright days. Discovering the right new couple of sunglasses for you personally, however, could be a tricky task. Lets dive deep in to the best sunglasses for different face shapes, explain polarized sunglasses, and breakdown the very best sunglasses it is possible to shop nowall under $100.

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What’s that person shape?

With regards to face shapes, yours likely falls into one of these brilliant types: round, oval, heart, square, triangle, or diamond. It is possible to determine yours by considering your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw, and where theyre widest and narrowest. Most brands and retailers, such as for example Warby Parker, Nordstrom, and EyeBuyDirect have breakdowns and quizzes to assist you determine that person shape.

Which are the best sunglasses for the face shape?

The very best sunglasses for round faces add angles to the softness of one’s shapeso consider rectangle, square, geometric, cat-eye, browline, and D-shaped glasses. Oval faces (widest at the cheekbones with slight narrowing at the forehead and jaw) and rectangular faces (an identical shape with an increase of square or angular jaw), alternatively, can virtually wear any frame thats on the wider side to include balance to that person length.

True with their name, square face shapes are fairly evenly balanced in cheek, forehead, and jaw width and so are often more angular. You might balance out the effectiveness of this shape with round, oval, and oversized glasses.

Like hearts, people that have heart-shaped faces are wider at the top and pointier on underneath, so choose sunglasses which are wider than your forehead and so are perhaps rounded or curved on underneath for softness. Round, oval, aviator plus some cat-eye sunglasses work very well for you personally.

When you have a triangular face shape (broad jawline with a narrower forehead), search for wider frames that balance your broad jawline as well as perhaps have a great time detailing, including rectangle, D-shaped, browline, and cat-eye shapes. People that have diamond face shapes (wider across cheekbones, narrower in your forehead and jaw) are complemented by rounder, more even frames. Some options include cat-eye, browline, round, and oval.

Ultimately, the very best sunglasses for the face will be the ones you are feeling good wearing (and theres often overlap in styles). Many retailers offer at-home try-on sunglasses or have generous return policies, so avoid being afraid of trying several pairs to get your favorites.

What exactly are polarized sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses (aka anti-glare sunglasses) have a particular chemical in the lenses that lessen glare reflected from roads, cars, snow, water, and much more, enabling less eyestrain and distraction. That is especially helpful if youre searching for driving, beach, or running sunglasses. Polarized lenses will provide you with the very best quality vision by filtering out plenty of bright lights that may be annoying for the vision, Tina Douroudian, a health care provider of optometry in Sterling, Virginia, previously told SELF.

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