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47 Things Youll Wish Youd Bought Last Fall Because Theyre That Good

Say it with me: Horror on Netflix sucks! After much hemming and hawing about “Do I want another streaming service?!” I finally first got it. NOW I AM hooked! I’m an enormous horror fan and seek it out year-round. So, TBH, I’m shocked I waited this long! It has plenty of exclusive movies (like Color Out of Space with Nic Cage Shudder original ) and Television shows (like Channel Zero, which you’ve likely found out about), alongside stuff you will need that you experienced, like the 1980 horror classic The Changeling (that is very good, I simply watched it for the very first time!) and Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer (truly disturbing, I cannot obtain it out of my head). Anyway, if this at all sounds appealing, you need to definitely join it!

Join $4.75+/month here.

Psst, if you are a Walking Dead, AMC, Sundance, *orIFC fan, it’s worth registering for AMC+, which include access to all those PLUS Shudder for $6.99+/month.

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