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5 Beauty Secrets From Ancient Egypt WHICH ARE Worth Giving a go

Men and women inAncient Egypt followed abeauty regimen, and taking care oftheir skin and hair was anessential part oftheir daily lives. Although most ofus understand that the ancient Egyptians took proper care oftheir appearance, itmay surprise many ofus that wecan still use some oftheir beauty practices.

AtBright Side, wedecided touncover some ofthe beauty secrets that allowed the ancient Egyptians toachieve flawless looks.

1. Choose oil-based makeup.

The ancient Egyptians applied makeup toadorn the eyes and protect them from sunlight. They used eyeshadows made ofpowdered malachite blended with vegetable oils, and several companies now make products which are oil-based. Because ithas powerful hydrating properties, oil-based makeup will help you keep your skin layer young for longer and achieve ashow stopping look.

2. Pamper your skin layer with milk and honey.

Cleopatra, the legendary Queen ofthe Nile, used milk and honey tokeep her skin youthful. Including these easily affordable ingredients into your skincare routine will help you achieve flawless complexion. Honey has powerful antibacterial properties which might assist you to keep acne atbay, and milk can effectively hydrate and soothe your skin layer.

3. Use henna tofight dandruff.

The ancient Egyptians used henna ontheir hair, which natural hair dye has a great many other health advantages. Because ithas antifungal properties, henna will help you be rid ofdandruff and stop hair thinning. Itcan also keep your own hair soft and shiny and stop premature hair graying.

4. Take ascented bath instead ofusing deodorant.

Although commercials try topersuadeus that using deodorant onadaily basis can help you avoid unpleasant body odor, doing socan actually cause your armpits tosmell a lot more. Because most antiperspirants kill bacteria inyour armpits, itcauses other bacteria tomultiply, which can lead toaneven stronger smell. The ancient Egyptians practiced scented bathing toavoid unpleasant body odor, and because bathing doesnt pose any health threats, itmight beworth giving itashot.

5. Use oils tocombat wrinkles.

Oils have powerful hydrating properties, and the ancient Egyptians used them tokeep their skin young looking and prevent wrinkles. Even ifyour skin isoily, making moisturizing apart ofyour skincare regimen will help you look better. Many natural oils, such ascoconut oil, can hydrate wrinkled skin and stop premature aging.

Are you currently following any ofthese beauty routines? Perhaps you have heard ofany other beauty secrets ofthe ancient Egyptians?

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