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5 Lessons on how best to Be considered a Productive Leader by Nathan Chan

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In this bout of The Lifehack Show, we’ve invited Nathan Chan, the CEO and Founder of Foundr to become listed on us.

Nathan includes a passion for entrepreneurship and folks, which explains why he created Foundr, a worldwide media and education company that produces magazines, books and online courses for entrepreneurs.

Nathan believes life is too short to accomplish work you hate, and is on a mission to cultivate Foundr right into a household name that impacts tens of thousands of people using its content and web business school.

In this episode, Nathan is sharing how he started Foundr, and his hacks on getting things done as a leader and entrepreneur.

Browse the full interview video here:

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You may also pay attention to the interview on our podcast channel Spotify, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast:

Lessons on Leadership & Productivity from Nathan Chan

Nathan has shared lots of his thoughts and tips about how to get things done as a productive leader and entrepreneur, herere a few of the key takeaways:

1. Be Disciplined And Adhere to a Routine

Id get right up early each morning and before I started my day job, I’d get right up at six each morning, proceed through emails etc Im basically likely to any office early and discover a gathering room and do an interview or two each morning, then Id head to my actual job and Id start at nine. I really do interviews within my lunch time break aswell.

When asked about how exactly he managed time when he was still working a full-time job and starting Foundr, Nathan told us how important it had been to adhere to a routine.

Despite attempting to grow his business, Nathan really wants to have the ability to invest just as much time as he is able to along with his family, friends and parents Stricking a balance is tricky yet essential. Nathan still allows time for friends and family in his disciplined schedule for work. Hed spending some time along with his family every Sudany and schedule catching up with friends fourteen days beforehand.

2. Get Help And Concentrate on Doing ITEMS THAT YOU LOVE

When Nathan just started Foundr, he did almost anything including markeintg, the writing, and the interviews. But he did get help from others and he employed people on a contractual project basis.

When you wish to obtain ahead, sometimes theres just things you hate that youre really bad of and you also dread it When you can afford it, find somebody on a contractual project basis and obtain them to accomplish it. You then will concentrate on things that you love.

Nathan viewed it from the sense of what he was bad at, and that it had been actually better for him and the business enterprise if he delegated it to another person.

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3. Be Free from WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE to attain

Many leaders and entrepreneurs struggle about when to step back from the operation and concentrate on seeing the larger picture. Nathan has this little bit of advice for them:

It boils down to really what you need and what the goals are whats the reason and really what size do you wish to build Its your task to venture out in order to build something really large and special, you need to find a very good possible people it is possible to, and you also have to become a great leader that may lead them.

If you need to achieve something really big, understand that you will require a lot more than just One to achieve it.

4. Find the appropriate People to ASSIST YOU TO

Nathan mentioned a very important factor that has been truly inspiring in the interview:

You can find people who are much better than you at a variety of different things, and you also cant be considered a master of each single trade.

When it involves getting help, its concerning the who rather than the what who did it before? Who has solve an identical problem already? How will you help your team and tell them these folks who’ve done it before to provide them the blueprints?

By giving your team with resources, education, and introducing them to those who have been there, done that, it is possible to skill up the team effectively.

5. Empower Your ASSOCIATES Rather than Managing Them

Nathan believes that to ensure that a team to operate a vehicle outcomes, its vital that you help the mebers to find themselves what they may be doing to create improvements. To him, the main element to communication boils down to making certain everyone understands where theyre going, what they have to do and what success appears like as an organization at an organization level, a team level along with a person level.

Like getting things done, its bad just saying hey do that, go do that. because really you dont wish to be thinking for folks, you would like to empower them, you wish to provide them with ownership, you need to provide them with autonomy, you would like to provide them with accountability.

At Foundr, Nathan encourages and fosters and environment for continuous growth and learning, so associates are empowered to accomplish their best use autonomy at Foundr.

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Whether youre a business owner or perhaps a leader at the job, these leadership lessons by Nathan will certainly help you turn into a more productive and effective leader.

If you need to watch the entire interview with Nathan, dont forget to look at the YouTube video above. Keep tuned in around on The Lifehack Show when i will undoubtedly be interviewing more leaders and productivity experts!

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