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5 Smart Ways to De-Age Your Teeth

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how to fix your teeth as you age men's health
Dan Forbes

5 Ways to Reverse the Age of Your Teeth

5 Smart Ways to Make Your Teeth Your Great

Fix 5 Problems That Happen to Your Teeth As You Age

Your Teeth Aren’t Getting Younger. It’s Time to Age-Proof Them.

STRESSED-INDUCED GRINDING, decades of coffee drinking, and all that “forgetting” to floss add up. Age can take a toll on your teeth too.

Here are five fast fixes to help you reverse age-related damage to your teeth—and bring them back to full-grin glory.

Get on the Schedule: With both your dentist and your brushing, says cosmetic dentist Michael Apa, D.D.S. Schedule a dental visit every six months minimum. Brush your teeth twice a day, use toothpaste with fluoride, and floss at least once a day.

Use this:

TLC Toothbrush

Co. By Colgate TLC Toothbrush

Protect Your Gums: Gingivitis, caused by plaque buildup, inflames the gums, says cosmetic dentist Marc Lowenberg, D.D.S. Ensure you’re brushing the gum line, where plaque lurks.

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iO Series 9 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B iO Series 9 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
Credit: Oral-B

Slow the Grind: Habitual grinders wear teeth down, which can lead to root canals. A dentist can fit you with a night guard, which costs $300 to $1,000. But an “over-the-counter guard is better than nothing,” Dr. Lowenberg says.

Use this:

Professional Fit Dental Guard

DenTek Professional Fit Dental Guard

Whiten Up: Genetics determines teeth whiteness, says Dr. Lowenberg. “My recommendation is that patients have a professional cleaning and in-house whitening treatment done back-to-back every six months and then use at-home kits to maintain results,” says Dr. Apa.

Use this:

Custom Teeth Whitening Kit

Auraglow Custom Teeth Whitening Kit

Embrace Braces: You may be tempted to go with invisible aligners likeInvisalign, but you have to wear them for 22 hours a day, says Dr. Apa. Lingual braces—brackets on the backs of your teeth—are better for people who can’t commit to aligners. No matter what you choose, get them from a professional, who can monitor progress.

A version of this article originally appeared in the September 2022 issue of Men’s Health.

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