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50 Cent Set GOING TO The Latin Entertainment Market

50 Cent is preparing to hit the Latin entertainment market.

50 Cent


The powerhouse producer has had on a fresh venture with Lionsgate Studios podcast division to launch four new podcast shows. Among the podcasts is titled The DownFall of El Chapo, and it’ll be hosted and made by 50 himself.

THE ENERGY Universe mogul was also featured as a collaborator within an Instagram post by Festival Planeta Brazil, announcing him as a headliner of these September music festival.

The headline also featured other American artists such as for example Lauryn Hill and TY Dolla $ign.

The shows dates haven’t yet been announced.

Last month, the rapper-turned-executive producer announced the lineup for his upcoming Tycoon Houston Comedy Music Fest, starting August 25th.

50 Cent also teased his upcoming horror film Skill House.

The mogul took to Twitter to talk about a fascinating gory night shoot that led to one of is own cameramen fainting on set.

It appears like its likely to be considered a hectic remaining year for 50.

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